A line of Disney Lingerie has been released and people don’t know how to feel…

So here’s a thing:
Yandy.com just announced their line of Disney Princess lingerie – and people are having mixed feelings about it. 


I wanted to talk about that a bit. 
First off, I won’t be arguing with anyone’s point. These things are subjective. Who am I to insert myself into your childhood and tell you that you have to think a certain way?

Because to some, it’s taking these very innocent characters and sexualising them and considering these girls are mostly in their teens, people don’t know how to feel about that. 


Maybe people feel guilty FOR thinking sexual thoughts about them, I don’t know. 
But me personally? I can seperate the brand from the character. For example, there’s Elsa in the movie….and Elsa in my imagination. Or: Kitten as Elsa. Or Kitten as Ariel. They are two different entities. 


And I suppose being a sadistic Dominant comes into equation too. I see these innocent Disney princesses and I want to twist their minds. As well as their nipples. 
I want to steal their innocence, one bit of humiliation and degradation at a time. Maybe over the course of a few days as they’re chained for my pleasure on the balcony of their own castle. But I’m getting sidetracked. 


I guess in the end, I’m saying this: I understand people being too caught up in the material to seperate the idea. But at the same time, I’m hoping they explore darker impulses.

And further more, I hope the lingerie comes in all sizes, so it’s there for everyone. 
After all, we need more curvy Disney princesses. 


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