How To Address Me…

Sometimes someone will write in and be unsure about addressing me. And I’ve gotten it a few times now to warrant me writing me up this little note for you.The thing is – within reason, you can call me what is comfortable for you. Obviously I leave the most intimate gestures for myself and kitten – I would feel uncomfortable otherwise. 
Generally speaking, my name is fine. Or, if you feel I have earned your respects, you can call me Sir. Sir I will allow because I liken it to an old fashioned greeting, a sign of respect from one person to another. The same thing as walking down a street and saying good day to the only other person sharing that same street with you. 
Really though, there’s no secret way to talk to me. I’m just a regular guy. I’m flawed, human, like eating cake in my underwear at 2am. So just be casual with me, is what I’m saying. Be yourself, because I’d be a fool if I got upset at you for addressing me incorrectly – how would you know? 
At the end of the day, we’re all human so don’t stress or give it too much thought! 
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a cake to devour. 


7 thoughts on “How To Address Me…

  1. I use Sir everyday. I was raised that it was a sign of respect. When I use Sir in a submissive dynamic, it’s very different. I must admit it drives me crazy when people freak out about me using Sir for anyone other than my Dominant. I refuse to change who I am. Besides, Dude just sounds stupid to me. 😊


  2. Me at the grocery store: “Would you like cash back?” – “No Ma’am. Not today thank you.”

    It’s funny that you posted about this today because while I do generally use Sir a lot in correspondence with people I respect, sometimes it feels weird, like it’s presumptive, and this morning replying to your comment I had that moment of hesitation and omitted it. hehe


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