Goddess’ Come In All Shapes And Sizes

It’s never really been something that I have held onto, this perfect idea of the perfect woman. I hear a lot of guys talk about it and I just sit back and think deeply on perfection itself. What does that really mean? Is imperfection perfection? I mean, no one’s perfect. Are they? And then it comes down to the idea that is — is perfection subjective or objective? Or both? 

I guess, for me, it’s the age old thought – if I love you, if I care about you, I don’t care if your slender or curvy. I don’t care about your race. I don’t care about looks.
If anything, any of these ideas opens new doors for me – I can think on a person’s backgrounds and something like that that is mentally charged is quite a turn on. I’m actually attracted to difference, and the great thing here is that everybody is different. You guys don’t know how excited I am when I see people from other countries visiting my blog. I get all excited thinking about your mysterious lives and what kind of devious things you might be up to. 
I’m glad that today in modern society, things are becoming alternative. You have rockabilly ladies, 50s pin-ups, suicide girls. There’s this whole sub culture that’s devoted to and promotes differences. And that is great. 
Since meeting my kitten, I’ve been introduced to the rockabilly idea and I’ve had a blast. These ladies are warm and generous and inviting and accepting. And I think this is what I love most.
Every curvy lady I have known has had the biggest heart. The biggest. These have been the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted with. Not only that, I guess curvy ladies are immensely attractive to me. 
Why? I think it’s because I love to see a lady be herself, to not be afraid. I’m drawn to that personality, that strength. But also I’m drawn to that warm personality. 
It also probably has something to do with the fact that for the better part of my life I lived in a household full of women as the only brother / son. I don’t know. 
But see, here’s difference again because size doesn’t automatically make you sweet. Not at all. I’ve also met a lot of slender ladies and they’ve been beautiful to me in my time with them. Just like I’ve met attractive but nasty people. It all comes down to personal development. But I digress. 

You see, goddess’ come in all shapes and sizes. What’s important is their heart and soul and their devious minds. Especially their devious minds!
Am I making sense? I’m going to stop now because I’m rambling and I’m tired and I’m rambling tired and that is sometimes a drag. You guys are beautiful! 


12 thoughts on “Goddess’ Come In All Shapes And Sizes

      1. Dating today is quite the challenge, I’ll give it that. But you shouldn’t think of it as such in your circumstance. Anybody that decries a curvy lady are strange beings in my case. And foolish if it’s for materialistic purposes.

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  1. It seems to me that the BDSM community values kink and mind over physical attributes and that the taste physically is for curvy girls. They are more interested in less idealistic views of what a woman should look like. If you take out all the bullshit surrounding mainstream social media, fashion, Instagram etc, the ideal woman is not a perfect 10. She’s everything else and I’d rather be who I am and have the BDSM community panting over me rather than a perfect 10 and have 50m followers on Instagram.


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