Don’t Run Away From Your Feelings

Take it from someone who has lost too much time living in my little fear bubble, if you come to this little corner of the web, and you’re wondering about dark things – things that claim you in the dark of the night and haunt you during the day, try not to run from it. 
Easier said then done, right? I know. I was one of those people claimed by the dark. The sun would go down, I would slink into some dark corner of my mind, I would thrive there, be engulfed, consumed there – it was exhilarating in ways I could never describe. And by morning, I was an anxious mess. 
I kept wondering What does it mean? Am I insane? Psychotic? Where do I go from here? What does this say about me as a person??
If this is you, if you’re reading these words now or have read my erotica and find yourself equal measures aroused or repulsed, take a deep deep breath and step back. Look at everything you’ve learnt about yourself and think on just what is it that’s disturbing you.

Running away doesn’t solve anything.
It’s like trying to run from your shadow. 

Think of it like this – running away will only heighten the tension and make the problem bigger. 

The thing you need to remember is there is nothing wrong with how you feel. Nope. NO. Nothing. Yes, even that. 

You’re in touch with something deeper than anything you might’ve ever experienced. And yeah, that’s terrifying. Where do you go from there? Who do you talk to?
 Luckily, we’re connected to the Internet, the source of all sorts of BDSM communities. And to top all that off, what’s one thing you have? Time. Time to take baby steps. To understand yourself. To understand what it is you want. 
The way I look at my desires is this: I’m exploring this bit of my humanity that others, for reasons such as fear or alienation, are not willing to go to. It’s kind of like waking up from a dream and uncovering aspects of who you really are. 

Embrace this. 

When I ran from my fear, I became moody and anxious. It wasn’t pleasant. I was quick to temper because this part of me was outgrowing me. I was shedding my skin. And there was a battle for my very soul. Which sounds dramatic but let me tell you, I wanted nothing more to be Dominant, leading this wondrous submissive persona, and I was stopping myself from becoming free.
No matter how dark, or primal or weird, I guarantee you that you are not alone. Someone out there is feeling the exact same, is struggling with you or has embraced this part of their mind.
So to you I say, don’t run. Embrace this secret side of yourself to rise above the fear and reach a heightened sense of sensuality and sexuality. If you need a gentle push, or if you need to quell your anxiety by asking questions you need others to reaffirm for you, email me. Write to me. No one deserves to feel alone. 


8 thoughts on “Don’t Run Away From Your Feelings

  1. I dare pose this question to you……what do you do when your Dominant/Daddy tells you he hasn’t loved you in over a year, leaves you alone, terrified of everything, moves on with someone else, yet still wants you to be around, at His request, demand, even to fuck? Especially when you built your world around Him and now you are so fucked up with all sorts of emotions. PTSD, rage, anger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, confusion. And all you want to do is sink into yourself and your feelings? I’ve followed you before, but under a different blog. I always found your insights interesting and thought provoking. So guide me now. Give me insights.


    1. I would cut all ties to him, utterly and completely, because it sounds like he WANTS and that’s destructive to you and your well-being.

      Leave, and rebuild. Find the things that make you happy, that aren’t around him. And with time, maybe you can slowly but surely heal.

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      1. Oh, if only it were that easy. 26 years invested in Him, so it will be such a slow, painfully slow process. I have days that are great and others, not so much so. Your insite is what I’ve been told to do actually. I’m truly, honestly trying. I justified feel so lost, hopfuless, helpless nm you know m Lost


  2. Well, I finally got it right and emailed. Lol!!! I was so angry, distraught last night, your morning perhaps, all I could see was red. Blood red. I would like to talk in private, if that’s cool and okay. By the way, I was an extrovert, not so much anymore. I keep to myself. Like you, I observe people and speak only when spoken to or when I have a contribution to make. Have a good one, Sir.


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