What You Need To Understand If you are emailing me…

I wanted to write a follow up to an earlier post in which I talked about how it was becoming more difficult to keep track of every follower that deemed me worthy enough to follow. 
While that’s true, I wanted to reiterate to you all that no matter what my personal occasion is, excluding a situation if I’m with my kitten, as I want my full focus on being with her and only her, I’ll write back to you.

If you just want advice, I’ll write back to you within that day or, at the very very latest, that week.
If you just want a chat, I’ll be more than happy to write back to you.
You decide if you want to keep emailing to me, to pick my brain, ask me questions about my life, or continuous journey. 
This is not one sided either. The other reason I started this blog was because the lives of people who are different or similar to me fascinate me. Endlessly. So I love to connect with others. And you can expect me to ask questions that pick your brain. 
But the reason I wanted to write this now, in my AM on a cool Friday morning, is because sometimes someone writing in worries they’re stealing me away from my life. 
And while I appreciate the concern, That’s never the case. 
As I’ve stated earlier in this post, unless I’m doing uni work or being with my kitten, you’re not taking my time. Whenever I respond or check my email, know that I have chosen a time for me where I am free. It’s not borrowed time, it’s free time. Or I’m up late because I’m a night owl.
I am fortunate enough to be in a position where things align for me: I can work on my uni from home and live in a beautiful rewarding relationship where kitten comes home from work and we share our evening together from the moment she walks in the door to the moment I tuck her into bed all cute-like.

So writing to me doesn’t steal me away from her, because I’m already there at that point in time. I’ve made my mind up – she has my undivided total attention when she’s home up Until the time we dig into bed for a story. This is why you might not hear from me over the weekend. My relationship comes first before anything.

I hope this clears up any confusion that you may have.


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