Sammie lets out a blissful sigh as she squeezes gently on her puffy little nipples.Shut away in her room during her family’s trip to their Sydney house, she had stolen a moment to herself to relieve.

Relieve sounds better than play, for the trip was something she wasn’t looking forward to, being away from her friends all summer.

But she had managed to sneak her toy along with her.

The purple thing was bought online, with her brand new credit card.

She bought cheap, didn’t really care for multi speeds, all that jazz. She just wanted to try something. Her curiosity was tearing at her skin. Her fingers weren’t enough.
“You slut” She had whispered to herself as she sat on the toilet at 2am, sleepily rubbing her cunt the best way she knew how, gliding her index finger along her slit as her thumb was positioned over her clit, digging gently inward.

But her fingers were never enough. Her hairbrush was never enough. So one night, while nude and in her own bedroom, squeezing her tits and thinking on the adventures she could have, what her current pay could allow, 17 year old Sammie bought her first toy.
It arrived a week later, under a disguise address by the company and packaged sweetly.

She had hid it under the bed till her parents were away at the same time. That time came on the weekend, while they were out at her uncle’s party.

She came four times, letting herself moan loud.
Sammie reflected on this as she held the toy to her clit, eager to come.

She could afford to play. Her parents were at the other end of the house, entertaining a friend of the family, this Middle Aged guy named George.

So she was nude on her bed, her long blonde hair – which needed a cut – rested over her shoulders, tickling her left nipple.

Sammie was a skinny little thing. ‘Chicken Legs’ her uncle used to call her – and nothing had changed about that. She was still scrawny.

She propped her legs up and ran the toy down the length of her smooth slit.

She pinched her nipple harder and thought about a boy in her maths class. Tommy. The one with the dark hair and intense eyes.

In her mind, she was held down as he used the toy on her, all he liked.

The thought was so intense and so detailed that coming out of the thought felt to her like she was coming awake from a dream.

She was too distracted that she didn’t hear the footsteps heading towards her door.
“Sam? I’m heading off now”

Sam sat upright and scrambled to get the sheets over her.

It was too late, George had stepped on through.

Sam didn’t have time to process the fact that he didn’t knock, she just froze, naked, with her toy against her clit.

George froze too. He had moved his eyes away from her, but something within him kept bringing them back to her slender legs. Her nipples.

Horror settled into Sam’s minds as she realised the toy had brought her over that sweet threshold. She tried to fight it, clenched her thighs together. But it washed over her like warm ocean waves in the summer.

She was too caught up in the orgasm to see George close the door gently behind him.
After her orgasm, Sam felt mad.

A normal reaction would be to scream at George, tell him to get out. That should’ve been how it went. But something in her kept her to the bed, the toy to her clit. She flinched at the sensitivity.
Her mind was screaming at how unreal this, but she couldn’t break the gaze from George.

He removed his shirt without warning and to her surprise, he was actually fit and not flabby like she had thought often.

She paused. She had thought often? No, not like that,

George looked at her as he unzipped his jeans, the biceps on his arms flinching as he moved.

Suddenly he was in her room and with his cock out, where had this come from?

Her mind was jittery, yet she eyed his cock all the same.

It was thick and shaven. Uncut and hard.

He moved towards her, his eyes never leaving her, and Sam never moved the toy from her clit or her fingers from her nipples.
Her natural instinct was, well, skewered. This was a friend of the family. Single, in his thirties, naked in her bedroom. Hovering over her, looking at her.

His cock skimmed against her lips as he raised his hands to rest either side of her hips.

Suddenly he was closer to her than ever before, his cock grazing her lips softly, threatening to slip right in.

He didn’t. He just watched.

He watched as she slid the toy along her slit, parting her lips to tease every inch of herself.

The toy glided along smoothly, coming back up to circle around her clit.

She moaned, began to close her eyes, but George’s soft warm hands caught her chin and turned her face to his.

He shook his head – and Sammie knew. She had to keep eye contact.
It was strange to gaze into his eyes as she brought herself close.

She was suddenly conscious of everything she did – the way she moaned high pitched or how her toes curled.

Here she was, for the first time ever in her life, sharing such an intimate moment with someone.

He was bearing witness to every intimate detail of her process – her moans, her quivering lips, the way her hair sticks to her sweaty forehead in an adorable strand.
What caught her off guard was the fact that George suddenly lowered his mouth onto her right nipple and gently sucked it into his mouth.

What came out her mouth was animalistic, guttural. Loud.

It brought her over the edge for the third time that day, and George raised his mouth with a sly smile.

Sam became conscious in that moment that his cock, which was still grazing her cunt tantalisingly, teasingly, never slipped in but was used to tease her into madness, into coming. This made her ride the wave into her fourth time.
In absolute silence, George raised himself off Sam and slipped down her body, not kissing her thighs but letting his lips gently caress her skin as he went.

In absolute silence, he got dressed, still gazing at her with a slight smile as he did so.

And in absolute silence he left.
Sam listened, catching her breath, wondering what happened with a mixture of guilt and fear, as she listened to his footsteps disappear.

It wasn’t long before he heard the voices, of her mum and dad and George.

George. With his sly smile and his shaven cock with Sammie’s scent now on his shaft.

She sighed blissfully.

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