February Musings

Have you ever seen someone, perhaps they are on youtube, Facebook, whatever, say how they are trying to respond messages or keep up with fans but there are so many that they possibly can’t? It’s not a thing of rudeness, it’s just with time constraints, life reasoning, they simply can’t?

Well, I never thought I’d get to that point. But, the thing is, I kinda am. I pride myself on the fact that I set out to respond to every email and check every blog. So far, I think I’ve done pretty good. I’m very VERY forgetful, to the point I am like a comical character bumbling around spaces, but if such a thing occurs, you have the right to slap me and make me remember.

ANYhow. The point I wanted to make that between my studies and my work and any time I write for the blog, it’s getting harder to keep up to date with newcomers or your blogs or life adventures and that sucks the big one.

What that generally means is that I’m slow to get to your blog – but trust me, when I do, I usually binge and spam your notifications with comments on your writing or troubles or days. And I love that part of WordPress. To me, it’s the most fulfilling part of the whole experience of writing.

So I am taking the space right there to say to you lovely ladies and gents that if you’d specifically like my feedback or advice or even just a general chat, please message me and I’ll get on that asap, if I haven’t already. I’m always lurking after all!

Speaking of lurkers, It’s still heart warming to see people from all over visit this weird little space. I believe I saw Norway visited the other day! Norway! What a lovely place! I can only imagine the type of personality to come out of Norway! Electric, dark, exotic. What stories could a mind from there tell? I wonder!

Never be shy to write in, people! I know it might be hard to put thoughts into words but I don’t bite! Least not always…


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