The Study

Picture this, if you will.A younger man and an older woman are together in a low lit room.

The man, dark eyes, dark hair, pale skin, thin, stands over the older woman.

The woman – ashen grey hair, youthful face, light green eyes, thin delicate body – warned him for coming.

The two are centred by an aged wooden table, in a room decorated wall-to-wall with bookshelves full to the brim of the world’s writers.

Behind the older woman is a fireplace wedged between the shelves and crackling in the silence.

The two have snuck away from the festivities of the house to have a conversation.

The conversation started as a warning but now has turned.

The man has unzipped his cock, thick and uncut, and holds it out to the woman, who regards it with a youthful spunky look that’s full of attitude.

You can tell, though not sure how, she used to be a pretty little slut in her day and is still happy to be now. 

The older woman stays still in her seat as the man edges closer to her, his cock rubbing lightly against her lips.

At the touch of it, the smooth skin against her wet lips, her steely exterior is broken. A moan escapes her lips. It’s otherworldly, music to the younger man’s ears. 

Time, it seems, stands still. 

The man lingers over her, his shaven cock grazing her lips.

The older woman lets it glide across her upper lip, then moves her face upwards so it skins across the lower lip. 

Another moan slips out of her lips. It’s quick and sounds innocent. Like she’s young again.

She parts her lips, granting access to the cock.

This time it’s the man that moans, as his shaft disappears into her mouth. His eyes are glued shut, as he gently inches forward towards the woman.

In this moment, these two are interconnected yet their minds are far away.

The man’s mind is centred on her cool mouth, how he cannot find the word to describe how it feels for her mouth to take him in.

The woman is trying to figure out what it is that is driving her to cover every inch of this man’s cock in her saliva. She is addicted to the notion, intoxicated by it.

She meets his rocking by working her tongue up his shaft. 

In that moment, the two are in their own universe away from the festivities down stairs.


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