I’ve re-worked my Patreon!

Hey ladies and gents,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Valentine’s. 
I’m just writing in to state that I’ve reworked my Patreon to focus purely on my original work, as I’ve decided to keep the blog and my writing apart so that they are two different beasts.

What that essentially means is that the blog is still absolutely 100% free but I’ll reshape it so that its focused on other elements, such as my journey, self-help, Q/A’s and any reviews pertaining to anything BDSM related.
While I might post some erotica, I will be writing more to be exclusive to Patreon, for anyone that wants to lend their support, for which I’ll be eternally grateful.
That means for now, erotica will be split 50/50 for the blog and Patreon. A lot of raw a material, deleted / extended pieces will be up over on Patreon, while the blog will still get a handful of new stories and poetry experiments. 
With the new layout comes three reward tiers:

Pledging $1 per short story grants access to the Patreon site for me, which include stories for users, plus any posts or such that I do. 
Pledging $5 per short story also grants you access to exclusive ramblings, plus users at this level can give me a prompt and I’ll do my best to go with it for you.
Pledging $10 per short story grants you access to my Patreon and to my thoughts on writing the story you’ll read. These are essentially my author’s notes where I’ll geek out about writing and my thoughts on characters, theme and setting. 
And that’s it. If you’re still reading and haven’t skimmed or skipped, might I ask your advice in any rewards you’d be interested in, as a reader? I’d love to hear them!
In any case, my site is over here.  

Remember, even $1 adds up in the end guys. I love you all!


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