30 Days of Dominance – Day 20 – Growth…

Day 20 – Has your Dominance increased or decreased over time? Have you ever had to renegotiate with your submissive due to a change in feelings or circumstance? Have your interests as a Dominant expanded or contracted over time? 
I think it’s in any human’s ability to fluctuate. Sometimes it’s stronger, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it stays at the point it’s always been, at a steady flow of darkness. 
If there’s a time where kitten or I don’t feel interested in it, sure we voice ourselves, because it’s only polite to do so if we are having a shit day. And that’s a part of life, you can’t be switched on all day – or so goes my personal belief. 
But as my interest in dominance expanded over time? Oh absolutely. From my twenties onwards, I’ve had that hunger and desire to just be switched on, learning, turning kitten on, that sort of thing. I think I’ve certainly matured in that respect. 

I’m growing every day, thinking and thinking and evolving. It’s only a part of life.


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