30 Days of Dominance – Day 18!

Day 18 – There is a common misconception that the submissive partner in a D/s relationship loses the ability to have and express an opinion. How does communication factor into your Dominance and what expectations do you have in terms of your submissive expressing their desires and needs? Is it limited in time, place or manner? 
We talk openly about everything and we have done so from the moment of our relationship. This is because my expectation of her is for her to be herself, at all times, or to voice what’s really going on in her mind. And this task, if you will, is ongoing. 
It hasn’t always been easy. She was too anxious to speak up in the beginning but for every time in the first few months where she was unsure, we talked at length in the comfort of our bedroom where I could ease her mind or correct a fault that went unforeseen by me. 
I practice this because it is in my interest that she is happy and fulfilled. I want to give her a life where all her dreams come true. I want give her Things that no one had given her before. And I want her to be herself.


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