These are the rewards you’ll get through my Patreon…

I realise Patreon is a bit of an unknown thing to some of you, so I thought I’d throw in one more post about what rewards I offer to anyone that wishes to support my writing and I. Then I’ll tip my hat and run off to go indulge in my nakedness.

IF you choose to support my writing, well first you can understand I’ll be eternally grateful. 

Pledging just $1 a month unlocks the Patreon community, where I ramble anything from BDSM to what I read to kitten some nights. We can chat, ramble, send each other cat pictures or have a 1 on 1. Who knows. 

Pledging $5 a month will unlock little mini essays on story structure, theme and character about my erotica or poetry. Little behind the scenes things I leave out of the finished blog product you see here.

Pledging $10 a month will unlock access to any previous rewards, plus a compilation of any Erotica or poetry I write that month, edited and possibly re-written in PDF format for your reading devices or phone. Take me anywhere! The bath, the car, the lunch room at work! 

Pledging $20 a month will unlock access to the first rough draft of my work before it hits the blog. I’ll take you through what I intend, you can have your say. I’M hoping to fascinate people, not with MY structure but THE structure of writing. I don’t want to sound full of myself, I kinda just want to geek out on the draft with you. 

This is subject to change though until I find what works for readers. . I’d really REALLY like to hear your thoughts on any ideas for rewards you have, things I can add or think about. Maybe I can read my own erotica and have the audio file as a tier. Maybe one on one help sessions. Maybe I’ll write a piece FOR YOU as a commission, I don’t know what to do..

If you think I have a gift, if you love my writing – I want to work for you. 

Thanks guys. Sorry if I’m repetitive. Back to the dark of the night now! 


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