The Misconception Of The Daddy Dom & little girl.

Whenever I mention the dynamic of a Daddy Dom and a little girl to a newcomer who is asking me about where they fit into the lifestyle, I can often sense their awkwardness and hesitation.

Mostly it comes up if I sense this man has some Daddy traits in him, or whether the woman is a bit of a baby girl. To me, that kind of comes out. I just have this weird gut feeling.

The thing that usually comes up first is: Is it an incestuous thing?

 The answer is no. While it sure is named Daddy / little girl, it really is just a symbol of the type of relationship a couple has.

The man adopts a Daddy-like persona. The best way I can describe this, from personal experiences, is that it’s a deep, maybe even a deep rooted desire to nurture, much like a Dad would to a child.

While incest can certainly be part of the roleplay, and this really depends on couple’s preferences, The dynamic is really about these deep sensations and characteristics coming out in the person themselves.

Of course a Daddy needs that stabilisation – and this bring us to the little girl.
While you’re better off asking a female about the inner workings of her mind here, I will explain from a male’s perspective for some balance here.

Let’s start with a story. It’ll be quick, I promise.

I was laying in bed one night awake when kitten got up to go to the toilet. When she came back, she grumbled some incoherently, probably still foggy with sleep.
What’s wrong, I asked her. And I roll over to look.
She’s searching the bed for her toy kangaroo, which she sleeps with and which probably knocked away when getting out of bed. The toy kangaroo I gave to her as a gift because it was mine when I was 2 years old.

The little girl is the innocence still floating around in that mind of yours. It’s a mindset to be child-like, as if being possessed by your younger self. It’s the best way I can describe it. Which, I know, it’s shit. But this is what I see in my kitten, who likes me to read to her before bed, who snuggles my childhood toy, who likes to colour for me.

It’s these little aspects that compliment my Daddy, who needs that sort of child-like quality to fulfil the ever-hungry desire to nurture and grow.

Let me tell another story.

One of kitten’s friends from school posted something on Facebook and — I couldn’t help myself. As the creep I am, I messaged this person I’ve met twice and asked her if everything was okay, because I just had this sense that something wasn’t.

I was right, and I won’t let that go to my head, and we talked about what upset her. I told her it was okay, that if she ever needed to chat, I was here.

I mean, all the while my brain is like:

Fool you sound like a creep leave her alone you weirdo

But I was driven by this desire to reassure. Was I misguided? I mean, maybe? She probably won’t take me up on the offer, though I still hold hope just to prove my inbuilt negativity wrong, but the point was that the Daddy came out in me. I wanted to shield and protect, as if this friend was my own daughter. And that’s weird as fuck but, I don’t know. It’s just what it is.
I mean, she thanked me in the end, told me I was amazing – but he point is, I was doing it to nurture.

Tangent aside, that’s what the mindset is like for me. It’s why I identify as a Daddy Dom, or a Dom with Daddy traits.

Some people aren’t into the dynamic, because they think of their parents. There’s a hurdle to jump over that they’re not sure about. And that’s fine, it’s not for everyone. But that kind of thinking should be looked at from at a different perspective – there’s a richness in the dynamic that might intrigue you from a different outlook.




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