Portrait #2: Karen

The first thing that Karen does when she steps inside the door of the place she’s renting is peel off the dress she’s wearing and toss it aside. She’s already saved time of undressing by kicking her shoes off in the car.

Mental note, Karen: Get them out before tomorrow night.

Now she stands in the foyer, in a light blue bra and super Mario panties, the latter colourful in its representation of the mushroom kingdom as it hugged her cunt and ass. 

She thinks to herself: What to do for dinner.

Karen lives by herself, has done so for the past two years, ever since her boyfriend left her for some bitch fresh out of high school with Tatts and a sexual appetite that apparently rivalled her own.

The silence of separation was uncomfortable at first but now she didn’t mind singledom. She had grown accustomed to the freedom. 

Moving into the bedroom, she’s greeted by her wholly white cat, Nintendo. The feline looks at her Inquisitively with Karen’s favourite feature of hers – her one green eye, one blue eyes.

Karen frowned and wrinkled her nose at the cat as she undid her bra. 

It fell to the floor and she never felt so comfortable in her life in that moment.

She collapsed to the bed, just feeling the fabric grind against her flattened nipple, which grew hard against the sheets.

Now in just her panties, Karen rolled onto her back and looked at the ceiling fan, which she left on.

Mental note, Karen: Stop leaving the fans on when you go to work. 

 Instead of turning off the fan, Karen lay still, looking at the fan turn. Wondering what to do for dinner.

The swirl of the fans hypnotise her, and she falls into a slumber. 


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