Needing advice about Patreon rewards

While I hate to harp on about Patreon, I wanted to put this up to answer any questions anyone had but to also ask advice from the people I adore!The reward system in Patreon is basically designed so that the creator can give their talent to their fans for different sections or amounts, whether that be to pledge $1 a month or $5.
For example, $1 could grant access to my ramblings on Patreon for anyone that wants to hear more of my mind, for whatever reason.
$5 could be that for every erotica I write per month, I’ll create a PDF of it for pledgers to keep, with your choice of name.
I’d also love to write pieces for people, like a commission, but again, I don’t know if I’m worth that. 
I’m trying to come up with worthwhile rewards for anyone that is gracious / kind enough to want to support the writing here – and this is where you guys come in.
What kind of rewards would you be interested in? I have a list of ideas – the PDF every month, draft copies of erotica before it hits the blog, little behind the scenes of stories, like character backgrounds, setting, why I’m dark and chose that fiendish erotica, just more insight into the clock work of my brain.
The thing is, I want to give to the community. Anxiety most days gets to me about my writing but I trust you guys to lay it to me straight, and you’ve been mostly positive. 
And now I want to hear from you. In terms of my mind, writing process, life adventure, interests you? As a reader, as a fan of my writing, what would you want to read about? What would you want, as a piece to savour during a bath or a stormy night?
I’m just looking for ideas and inspiration. So from one dark mind to another, take your best shot. I dare you. 


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