I’m now on Patreon and I need your minds!

Hey ladies and gents,

I’m quite nervous to announce I’ve decided to bite the bullet and create a profile on Patreon, which you can view here.

What’s Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where creative folk can create a body of work and then create a reward system for any of their fans who wish to support them financially.

Why did you do that?

After starting my blog, I realised how much passion and love I have for the writing and for my audience — you lovely folk.
Suddenly it became clear to me that this was the mythical dream job I had been chasing my whole adult life.

I never wanted an ordinary job. I wanted to make life on my own terms. And when people scoffed at my probably naive dreams, that just encouraged me to stand tall, refuse to budge and conform.

Writing this blog has been an amazing experience. I want to do this on a full time basis, which means more time to help you guys, more time to write and do what I love. For anyone who wants it.


While Patreon IS a service where fans choose to donate monthly, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to to access my work. I couldn’t dream of how tough times are for some. Sometimes I think what right do I have to even attempt this? But in the light of possibly being unsuccessful, I must try. Writing is my dream. And for now, Patreon is an experiment.

Nevertheless, the blog will remain free to access, with the content I do regularly.


I won’t apologise for that pun. I have a few goodies designed but I’d love to hear what some of your thoughts are on what rewards I can provide monthly for any pledgers. After all, I do love writing for you all so if there’s anything I can do… If you have the time, I’d like to hear your thoughts on it all.

Remember it’s your choice if you want to help me with my dream. 

Much love,





7 thoughts on “I’m now on Patreon and I need your minds!

    1. Absolutely! I won’t cut off content or split it in half. I’ll just work harder. I love writing here. It’s kind of like coming home, because I can write and feel like I connect with others. And also get to help.

      Which is why I wanted to try my hand at this. I’m nervous because I generally don’t think highly of my writing but I just had to try.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I do enjoy seeing your posts pop up on my Reader. I like the range of subjects you address, and the different styles of the pieces.
        Our WordPress community needs articulate Doms like you to share their perspective on BDSM and D/s.

        BTW, I particularly enjoyed your recent Primal piece; loved the flow of consciousness style!


      2. I’m really touched you think so! Thank you. No, of course I’ll be staying around. I just want to work full time, put my writing to good use. But I won’t harp on.

        I did see your little mmmm on that piece – has it been rattling around in your mind?

        Liked by 1 person

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