30 Days of Dominance – Day 16: Has your Dominance changed from partner to partner?

Day 16 – Have you found that your Dominance has changed with different partners or relationships? If you’re involved with, or have been involved with, partners of both sexes, has your Dominance changed based on gender or do you feel that it is dependent on the submissive as an individual?
I haven’t been involved with a man, so I couldn’t say! I’d still be the same, I would say. The tasks, discipline – none of that would change. Interactions maybe, depending on how my mind and their mind interacts. But beyond that, I like to give to someone what I’d give to another.

But yes, I have found that with each new relationship I learn more about my kinks and myself and I’ve been apply what I’ve learnt previously to a new relationship – and that in turn helps me to achieve greater heights.
For example, my current relationship with my kitten is greater than what I have experienced before and I’m still learning by trying new things and seeing new things and experimenting beyond what I did before. 
For example, I never used to have an interest in choking. Partially because I was worried about hurting someone, but also because I can get carried away…
But she introduced me to it, one fateful steamy night in her car. She lent back and said show me what you got while I choked her and sucked on her nipples. I believe she came in that car that night, just as I believe I tore off my shirt as an improv and came hard knowing we were most likely being watched. But that’s another story and shall be told another time. 


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