30 Days of Dominance – Day 15: The Evolution of my Dominance

Day 15 – Has your Dominance evolved over time? If so, how has it evolved for you? What do you attribute this evolution (or lack of) to?
My Dominance has definitely evolved over time. It began, roughly, in my teens. I would say, 16-17-18 but I had been developing before that in other aspects, such as a predator. 
I used to wonder what was wrong with me, when I realised I was pursuing a crush when I was 10-11. I thought I was a stalker. I thought negatively. Now I see I was a primal all along, just a predator hunting prey – albeit in a really innocent way.
But going forward a few years to my late teens, my dominance come outwardly through my love for degradation and humiliation. That was my kink. And I explored it through means of setting tasks with my first major girlfriend. 
Beyond my life in my twenties, which ends this year, uh oh, I went from that kink to becoming more defined. I wanted to have a collar for my submissive, I read self help book to educate myself. I read viewpoints and definitions and experimented with primals and submissive’s. And so I redefined my dominance through my search for information and through experience. 
My existence within an completely vanilla relationship made me realise – through fear – that I need this sort of control. I had to go to some pretty low places to find out that truth. 
So I guess you could say I owe a lot to that relationship.

I also owe a lot to my kitten. Before her, I was scared to be myself. Before her I was hesitant to choke. Now I have harnessed the pressure when choking, and my inner Darkness, to be able to do what I love. 


8 thoughts on “30 Days of Dominance – Day 15: The Evolution of my Dominance

  1. Interesting post 😊 I have always wondered about what would it be like to be with dominant man and if I would be able to live with being submissive.


      1. That’s perfectly fine, and natural. I went through all that too. For the longest time, I would bathe in my kinks at the latest hour and then after I had indulged, I would try to forget as much as I could.

        I’d say if you are thinking about it, I would definitely pursue it. Sam, if I may call you so, why haven’t you emailed me about such a thing? You should know it’s what I’m here for!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for encouraging me 😊

        It’s okay you can call me Sam and I will email I just didn’t know how to put the words together


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