30 Days of Dominance – Day 14: Religion-based submission

Does religion have any bearing on your Dominance or the way you expect your partner/s to submit? If not, are you familiar with religious based submission and do you view it as similar to other types of submission or dissimilar? 
I think religion has a bearing on my Dominance in the sense that she completes her mantra, morning and night and for every shower. I think that ritualistic act bears a semblance to religion because it’s worship of herself and my leadership over her. I’m not saying I’m a God. I’m saying reciting her mantra is similar to the idea of the rosary beads in Christianity.

That’s off on a tangent though. Any aspect of religion, and I’m catholic so we will go with that, doesn’t have bearing, no. 
I think fondly of it in BDSM terms, specifically how the Old Testament would translate in a scene setting or in discipline, but if it comes out it’s purely on a subconscious level I cannot recall. 

I am familiar with religion based submission and I would say it’s similar in some respects to other forms. It’s certainly interesting to note that M/s aspects and the 1950’s household dynamic share certain themes with, say, how women are treated and portrayed in the bible. 
But I also think in other respects that religion based submission is a little more primitive as well, a little more savage. The man is, brutal is my understanding and the woman more slave like with little to no reward put upon her. 
I have traits lending to the M/s dynamic and 1950s housewife dynamic but not to the extent that our play is based around God and such. Though I can see aspects, like rebirth and ascension, could be fun themes to explore. 


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