The Primal Self

I do not know why, I do not know how – but it grips me all at once.This ache, this unquenchable ache to free my cock from my pants and come.

It’s going on 2am. I’ve decided to settle in on my night owl adventures by playing a video game.

My mind wanders. My hand wanders. 

Before you know it, I’m stretched out on the couch, where people have sat, where people will sit, and I’m stroking my cock.

Behind me the blinds are open. A part of me wonders what if, another part of me is too tired to care.

But the primal self…

I am consumed utterly. Rational thought slithered down my thighs like chills. The only thing in the world that matters right now is the ache. That damned pulsating ache!

How it drums Rhythmically! 

I can feel it in waves that warm my body.

I can’t stop.

If you asked me to, I don’t know if I could.

Mayhaps I’d look you in the eye, Mayhaps you’d see my look and be transported to the time where you lost control…

Were you wet? Slick, soaked, drenched, dripping, saturated?

Were you hard? Stiff? Towering? Firm? Thick?

Did you groan? Did you howl? Did you lick your lips and moan oh so deliciously?

…I want you to think. I want you to sink into the sheets of your bed, the fabric of your couch, I want you to sink into velvet, raise one hand to grip an edge and drown in your desire. 

I want to meet you, not this stiff upper lip face society meets, where is she? Where is he? Where is that animal? I’m not leaving, I’m not looking away till its out. 

Fuck society. Fuck neighbours. Fuck yourself. Pull your cock out. Pull your tits out. Crawl, claw, growl.

Have you ever tried grabbing a fistful of grass? Do you recall clenching shut your fist and pulling with all your might? Pull your hair, tear your clothes. Brutalise yourself, as I brutalise my cock in this moment. 

It’s surreal, coming at night. 

Trapped in this snow globe, moaning low, gripping the nearest support. 

Coming over your clothes because it’s worth it just to feel your body throb, just to inhale the scent of your come.

And as the body trembles and the last bit of come leaves my dripping cock, still stiff, I wonder. How many of you out there are primal? How many of you keep these moments to yourself? How many of you ponder every tiny detail as you play – like stars shooting through space, thoughts racing at the speed of light.

Hurtle towards this thought the next time you’re laying on your couch, on your bed, nude and reading and wandering and wondering.

Think on this delight. 

This piece was designed as half non fiction but also fiction, for its engineered from late night touching but also designed to be less coherent and all consuming and potent the more it goes on and the narrator plays.

Make no mistake, it’s designed to be reflective and to address YOU, the reader. I hope it achieves its purpose in that it makes you think back on a time. I hope it catches you in a space where you can pause and think.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed in general. For that is my goal always. 


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