Hera: Some Author Notes


I don’t normally do this with stories but since Hera is so lengthy (It’s 26 pages outside of WordPress), I wanted to put up a separate page dedicated to some of my own thoughts writing it and to leave a space for final feedback, thoughts, all that jazz.

HERA started off as the competition story but became something else entirely.

I wanted to write with the winner’s detail’s yeah, but I also wanted to write something grand and something me as well. Something I could bring to the winner and have them enjoy sperately but also something I could be satisfied with on my own.

The end result ended up being a weird science fiction tale, inspired by the likes of the tales of Greek mythology and how sensuality and nudity and character interaction is handled in those tales.

The stories of Hera, goddess of women and marriage, intrigued me and led me to base Sister with the qualities of Hera, from her personality that had her feeling jealous, vengeful and domineering. Except Sister is a little less aggressive.

I was also interested in exploring the idea of AI becoming aware and trying to figure out what that means in a sexual way, in an erotic story. Hera questions her state of mind, questions something like James’ landing strip and delights in humiliation, mental torture and so forth.

I am also fascinated by the mind so having Kadie break down over the course of the story and be in a place where she ultimately submits to Hera was interesting for me to explore. It was a dynamic that went through a few rewrites to get things to the point that I wanted them at.

So all these elements became the story and its characters, with the character of Kadie having the aspects the competition winner mentioned to me, while the environment became things that the winner mentioned to me.

I hope I did fine in that regard.



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