Hera, Ch. 6


Chapter Six


The Self



It has been three days since Kadie woke from her dream.
Her long, sexual, torturous dream in which she had finally escaped from being Hera’s pet.
The past three days had been spent in complete darkness. No dolls had visited her, no sign of Hera.
It was just complete and utter darkness, with Kadie left alone in the deafening silence.
Kadie had fought initially against the darkness. She had screamed until her throat felt raw, till her voice broke. She had cursed Hera with all of her might, with every curse word, every vulgar comment she could think of – anything to get under Hera’s skin, if that was even possible.
Kadie had tried every so often to get to Hera, even straining her voice to get heard.
Every scream went unheard. Every curse went unheard.
Kadie was alone.

On the second day, after her voice had broken, she let out a sob that rattled her chest. It was loud and ugly and full of grief.
Her mind was conflicted – torn in half.
What’s going on? Did I destroy her after all? Was this all a dream and I’ve gone mad?
Where is she?
Why is no one paying attention to me?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s wrong with me?
Left to her own devices, Kadie searched for an answer but couldn’t find anything, she just kept coming back to the thought what’s wrong with me?.

When sleep came, it was short. She woke up reeling from dreams about being smothered alive in a sea of writhing cables.
During the torment, her cunt ached for reasons she didn’t know. Was it because she had been so used to coming for so long that the lack of attention irked her.
On the fourth day, the doors opened and light shot out into the room. It blinded Kadie and she turned her head.
With her eyes clenched, Kadie waited for the hiss of the med drone.
Nothing happened.

Slowly, Kadie opened her eyes and after adjusting to the light, looked around the room. Nothing was there.
That’s when she spotted her standing in the doorway.
Hera was completely nude, in the form of a woman with long blonde hair that ran down past her shoulders, barely covering her breasts.
Kadie went to speak, her voice barely there. “Stop. No more. No more dreams, no more tricks. I don’t”
“This isn’t a dream”
Kadie looked up, already feeling tears sting her eyes.
The voice wasn’t coming from in her head, it was coming from the woman.
“Who are you?”
Kadie took in the appearance of the woman, noting her trimmed pubic hair, dark green eyes and pale skin. Like a princess out of a fairy tale.

The woman smiled faintly. “My dear, I am Hera. As close to her as I am going to get.”
“You took someone’s body?”
Hera laughed softly. “No. This body is synthetic. Based on the likeness of Captain Fuller. Call it a lasting legacy.”
Kadie didn’t know what to say. Hera had already formed a body for her consciousness in this short time, what will she do to her now?
“Is she dead?”
“No. She remains in stasis, with the others. Until I decide what to do with them.”
Until I decide what to do with them.
At these words, Kadie, still chained to the wall, broke down into a sob, hanging her head.
She felt the tears run down her face and breasts, tickling her.
Hera stepped before her. “Why do you cry?”

With her head throbbing and her whole body shaking with every sob, Kadie looked into the eyes of Hera.
Stricken with grief, Kadie sniffed and spoke.


I am a slave.

My mind and body belong to my Mistress.

Allow me the comfort to serve her serenely.

Grant me the grace to accept her punishments with ease.

Let me please her beyond my own self.

Allow me to love my body, my self, through loving her.


Hera’s face expressed shock.
Kadie had just repeated the full mantra after all the months it had been drilled into her head.
Suddenly the cables withdrew from holding Kadie against the wall and she fell forward.
Hera caught her with ease, wiping Kadie’s hair out of her eyes.
For the longest time, neither of them spoke. They just sat there, at ease.
Kadie rubbed her arms and wiped her eyes. “Mummy?”
Hera studied her crumpled face, her red and honest eyes.
“Is this who you are? What you want?”
Kadie broke eye contact, rubbing her eyes like a tired child. “Yes. I do. I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t –I-don’t…”
Kadie broke out in another sob. Hera held her tight, holding her face into her chest.
She was surprised that Kadie took her nipple into her mouth and suckled gently.
To Kadie, it just came naturally to do that.
She was free.




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