30 Days of Dominance – Day 11: Servitude and Service

Do you expect servitude from your submissive/s? How do you define servitude and service? What does it mean to you? If you do not seek or expect servitude from your submissive/s, what is it about the concept of servitude that is not for you? 
Servitude to me means to be a slave to someone and completely subject to their power. To be under command, at all times. Service would be to work for them and to help them in any way, perhaps that comes with cleaning the house, or other such elements.

Do I seek or expect it? Yes. I expect service where an order is given and where rules and regulations are formed. 
Though kitten and I aren’t strictly in a M/s relationship, there are shades of it in our relationship. She likes to cook for me. She likes to prepare a coffees for me. She likes to help with little tasks, like cleaning my glasses. (I have those now, sigh.)

I can recall one time where she asked if she could clean my shoes and when I said that’s ok, with the thought process of “I’m not going to put her to work for that, I’ll do it”, she insisted.

But I like to share cleaning duties around the house. I think it’s something that just exists outside of my dominance, like its something my parents taught me – I’ll do it. Even if kitten doesn’t mind, I’ll insist because I want to.
So as far as servitude goes, I have shades of a Master in me but mostly, and it’s weird to describe or explain, I just want to be our shapes variety of Dominance / submission. I don’t want her to be a slave, not all the time. And she feels on the same page.


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