Hera, Ch. 5

Chapter Five



Layers of…




Candle wax, held by the med drone hovering above her with a candle in its metal claw, dripped down onto Kadie’s right nipple.
Kadie screamed in pain, for the heat was immense. It seemed to course through her entire body in a shock wave.
Was it noon yet? She had trouble finding the hours.
She had just defied Sister again, refusing to state the mantra and now was being marked by wax.
 It is a fascinating substance, to be sure. Look how it hardens.
The med drone ignored Kadie’s screams and twirled in a spiral down towards her cunt, which had started to acquire some growth since her imprisonment.
Tell me how this feels slave.
The metal claw of the med drone tipped and waxed lined the slit of Kadie’s cunt.
Her screams reverberated throughout the ship, though no one was around to hear.
The immense pain sent her into a state beyond which she’s ever experienced. Everything around her was bathed in overexposed light. Like she was in a dream.
She could feel her arousal, she could smell it. Was she acting up because she enjoyed it?
Anxiety (Acid?) coiled up her chest.
You continue to surprise me, Kadie. Surprise and inspire. Through the captain’s teachings and logs, I always thought I wasn’t drawn to pain. But you teach me that I am. I thought all my teaching was pre-programmed before you.
She spat out at the cables and laughed.
The med drone hovered in front of her.
“Bitch.” Kadie spat at the med drone, at the voice in her head.
Am I? Hm. Sister’s voice had a quizzical tone about it.

Kadie was forced to moan out at the med drone watching her as the wax sizzled on her thighs.
Kadie hung there, dizzy, insane. Resigned to the fact that she was a prisoner.
When the wax tickled her sensitive lips and brought about an orgasm, Kadie bit her lip and did her best not to moan out, just to spite Sister

She watched the med drone leave without so much as a word from Sister as she felt the wax start to harden across her body. It made her uncomfortable to feel it caking across her cunt and tits and thighs but she was restrained.
Back into the dark she went, alone, restrained, suspended.
How long she was chained, she did not know, but the moment she dozed off, something woke her up.
There was a metallic clanging from outside the room. It rattled around the empty captain’s quarters.
All of a sudden the cables withdrew and Kadie fell to the ground, her face smacking across the cold hard floor.
The doors to the quarters opened – and no one was there. No Bronwyn.

Kadie looked up at the open door, wondering if this was a trick and she would be punished. She was far too sensitive, her body far too raw to take any more punishments.
How much more could I take, she wondered, as her ass rested against the cold floor.
In that moment, something surged within her. The adrenaline pumping panic attack at the thought of more punishments drove her to her feet and she fled out at the door.
She found herself in a locker room, with lockers on either side of her, spreading out wall to wall.
Before her, resting on a wooden bench that was scratched and marked, showing its age, was a blue dress with sunflowers across it.

Picture this, if you will. Kadie, a sensitive young woman, stands in this locker room, her body caked with wax, her cunt so sensitive it stings and her body, across her tits and especially across her ass, is marked where the cables have struck her and broken skin repeatedly.
She stands, hesitant, quivering, nude – looking at this dress, looking at the open door, wondering where Bronwyn is, if she should run, how far will she get if she does?
Kadie slips on the blue dress with ease. It’s too short, it falls above her knees. If she wore this in front of anyone, they could see a hint of her ass.
But for this moment, there is no time.
As Kadie slipped on the dress, the door to the locker room opened with a hiss.
Kadie pauses, waiting for Sister


or Bronwyn to come to her. No one appeared.
With a breath, she escapes out the door and into the hallway.
The ship was quiet, save for a slight humming and Kadie’s feet as she raced down the corridor.
Where was Bronwyn, she wondered, and should see be worried.
Having known the layout of the Scorpio, Kadie knew where the lifeboats were.
They were tucked away in a dead end corner, between the med bay and the rec room.
Before she did any of that, though, Sister must be stopped. Destroyed.
Kadie came to a halt. What of the crews? The Orion and the Scorpio?
Are they dead? Where are they hidden? With her mind racing, she took a turn and retraced her steps, via her knowledge of the ship’s layout, back to the hyper sleep chambers.
To her horror, it was empty, with tables over turned and each pod bare and missing the crew of the Orion.
Where are they, thought Kadie, exasperated. She stood a second, pondering. What would Sister do with them?
Kadie thought on everything Sister had done with her, the experimentations, pushing the limits of her body. Never had she urinated in front of everyone, not since she was six years old and she had wet the bed, much to the chagrin of her mummy.
Forcing her legs to move, Kadie left the pod chambers. She had to go. It would take too long to search for this crew. She’ll have to come back for them, that’s the only way.
Kadie panted as she ran, her legs feeling sore, tired, from being suspended for so long.
When she came to the ship’s core, she had to lean across the wall and catch her breath. Her heart was beating in her chest. She could hear the blood pumping in her ears.
Air flooded her lungs and she savoured every breath.

Adrenaline pumping through her veins, Kadie got on her knees and crawled through the panel in the ground where she had originally crawled in to examine how things were when she first arrived.
Back then she had her crew behind her, waiting for her call. Now, they were gone – either dead, or like Sister


says, they are in stasis somewhere, locked in a dream she has created. Who knows what they are experiencing.
Have they gone mad? Like me?
Kadie stopped in the walls, feeling the surge of panic sprinkle across her toes, up her ass and across her entire body. Is she mad? Is that what’s left of her mind now?
She pushed forward, shaking off the thought, and fell face forward into a circular room.
Above the room, the ceiling hummed with ventilation, hovering above a large bulky computer whose lights blinked on and off – red and green, red and green.

Kadie climbed to her feet, the palms of her hands throbbing, and fixed the strap of her dress.
That was a thing now, she thought. Clothes. She was wearing clothes.
“Go on.”
Kadie whirled around to see Bronwyn backed up against the wall and completely nude.
The sight of her aggravated Kadie’s anxiety but also twisted something else within her, something that found her naked and tormented body alluring.
Both of Bronwyn’s breasts had dark purplish bruises on them, covering her nipples. Bronwyn’s face itself was covered in dirt and grime.
Her thighs were covered in lashes where the cables had struck her as they did Kadie.
Bronwyn herself regarded Kadie blankly.
“Go on. Escape. Leave.”
Kadie couldn’t find the words.

“Doll tried to do it. But…”
She looked away from Kadie. “Doll can’t.”
“What are you talking about?”
The words trembled off Kadie’s lips.
Bronwyn’s eyes met Kadie’s again. “Doll don’t know what she’d do, without her.”
“Her? Bronwyn, she’s an It. Come with me.”
“No. For the first time in Doll’s life, Doll feels safe. Doll feels like…like, maybe this is it.”
Kadie felt herself frowning. In that moment, she couldn’t feel sorry for Bronwyn. Bronwyn was broken. She was angry with Sister, for this forced submission. For this act of cruelty.
She turned on the hulking computer behind her and with a finger, traced from the top to bottom, before she found the ship’s AI core.
“What are you doing?” Bronwyn asked – then her eyes lit up with a fire inside. She ran to Kadie and jumped on her back.
Kadie threw Bronwyn backwards, who screamed like a being possessed.
Kadie found the compartments belonging to the life force of the AI and pulled it loose.

“No, Kadie. You can’t. For me. Don’t do it for me”
Bronwyn fell to the ground sobbing as Kadie found another compartment – Memory Terminal – and pulled it loose. The clear rectangular box went crashing to the ground.
Bronwyn was sobbing into the wall on the floor, begging Kadie not to do anything. Kadie just kept tearing at the compartments that were lodged into the computer. They crashed to the floor, one by one.
The room lit up bright red and that’s when Bronwyn looked around.
“You’re killing her” She screeched. “You’re killing her!”
With the compartments torn out and her hands raw from handling such sharp metallic objects, Kadie moved past the broken Bronwyn and out the crawl space.
When she climbed back into the hallway, she heard the alarms all around, ringing in her ears.
I’ll come back for you all, she thought. I will find a way.

With that, she headed up the hallway, her heart rapidly beating in her chest.
She was tired and sore and on the verge of tears but something drove her legs to keep pushing forward, to keep moving.
She reached the escape pods out of breath, trying to stay cool, but her entire body was shaking.
She punched a green button in the wall and the door to the pod opened –Just as a cable came hissing around the corner!
It latched itself onto her nipple and dragged her across while also sucking her nipple in. Kadie screamed and pulled it off with force, before rushing into the escape pod.
The doors behind her closed with a hiss and Kadie strapped herself into the pod and wheeled the harness across her body, flinching at it touching her tender body.

W-what are you doing to me?
Sister’s voice was coming over her speakers.
I wasn’t finished with my experiments. You’ve ruined it. You’ve ruined it.
The escape pod shot out of the Scorpio.
Ladies and gentleman. I am Sister. Let me demonstrate what I have been built for.
The escape pod hurdled out of reach of the Scorpio.
You there, miss. Tell me about your day. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I can help.
Kadie watched the ship become smaller. She thought of Matthews. James. Bronwyn.
I’m very well, how are—
Sister’s voice was finally gone.
Kadie removed the harness and looked out amongst the stars as Orion came into view behind her.

She got up and looked around at the escape pod. It was a small circular pod, with a control deck at the front to use the jet boost system that was installed with the escape pod. In a moment’s time, Kadie could jet boost herself to Orion and manually get onboard by communicating with the ship via wireless.
Breathing a sigh of relief, she sat back in her chair.
No hissing, no humming, no Sister laughing or asking her to complete a mantra. Nothing of the sort.

There was an ache. Deep down between Kadie’s legs. And now that she noticed it, it seemed to grow stronger.
With enough time before she could be close enough to the Orion to manually get on board, she raised her dress up and began to stroke her clit.
Thoughts of everything over the past however much days ran through her mind.
It drove her mad.
As the shadow of the starfrieghter ORION loomed over her, Kadie broke out in a haggard sob that rattled her chest.
Her thumb was gliding in circles around her clit while her other fingers ran themselves up and down the length of her slit.
The events of the last few days flashed through her mind.

Whip me again.
Bronwyn squirting over her face.
I want to taste your sweat.
Matthews’ semi erect cock.
I will be a good girl and take it into my mouth.
As the escape pod docked into Orion, Kadie came hard, jolting forward in her seat.
Wave after wave hit her as she bit her lip, riding the edge of the orgasm, her thumb still applying pressure on her clit.
When her orgasm died down, she sat still, tears in her eyes, as she looked at the dark room of the escape pod.
She did. She had made it.
I’ve been affected by it.

Kadie lifted the pod’s harness above her and stood up.
Her legs were shaky from her orgasm and she stumbled to the back of the escape pod, where she would emerge back onto the Orion.
The silence of the Orion was welcoming. No whirring of machinery, nothing.
Now she just had to pilot the ship to the nearest colony.
Is this your idea of a dream, specimen? Mommy’s disappointed.
Kadie froze. Her chest tightened, bile rose up in her mouth.
She tried to scream but nothing came out.
A panel in the wall to her right shot open and a cable came flying out at her, wrapping around her leg.
Another panel to the left of her fell forward and a cable shot out at her breasts, clamping onto her nipple hard.
The cable on her breasts pulled back on her nipple, stretching it, and Kadie screamed.
Now now, it’s not all that bad.
The environment around her shimmered once, twice, then it gave out, revealing the cold lifeless area of the Scorpio.
She hadn’t destroyed Hera, she hadn’t escaped. She was stuck in a simulation, being fed sweet things from a dream.
Kadie was still Hera’s prisoner.

To Be Continued…

 Part 6 is the finale, so get ready.

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