Hera, Ch. 3



Chapter Three




Kadie snapped awake.
She instantly became aware she was lying in a tub full of water. A bathtub to be exact, smooth white and circular, with enough room to spread out.
The water was warm. It made her sleepy.
Kadie was still nude, aware that her breasts lay against her arms, which she had wrapped around herself.
You’re awake.
Kadie jumped at the voice, looking around the room. It was a bare room, save for a scarlet banner draped across the wall before her, wearing the insignia of the Scorpio, a golden M, surrounded by a wreath.
“Where am I? Where are my crew?”
You’re in Captain Deande Fuller’s quarters.
As for your crew, they are safe. Dreaming. I gave each one of them something sweet for their slumber.
It was in Kadie’s head, soft and distinct.
The door to the captain’s quarters opened and a figure stepped out and into the light.
The woman was beautiful, with soft features and piercing hazel eyes, yet she didn’t open her mouth.

It was said that Sister was programmed as a nun on the idea that she provides moral support and guidance to crews.
As such, she was designed to be of a younger appearance so that she was more accessible to approach.
Now Sister stood before her and looked at Kadie quizzically.
Kadie looked right back at her and remained seated. Why, she did not know. Something compelled her.
Sister raised her arm and began to undress.
Piece by piece, she removed her clothing until she stood before a shocked Kadie completely nude.
I used to have no concept of what I wore. Or what I could not wear. Until recently, it never….occurred to me.
Kadie regarded Sister’s nude form. She was slim and pale, with short dark hair in a bob.
Her breasts were small and her nipples smaller.
Her pubic hair was trimmed, a faint reddish colour.
I thought often about how I was created from an image. An image a man had in mind. And I don’t know what to think now I can undress.
Sister stepped into the bath and slowly lowered herself into the water so that she was completely submerged.
When she reappeared, her avatar was wet, her slicked back and water beading on her chest, but her face was expressionless. Unaffected.

Your mind will tell you what a hot bath feels like so when you dream you can experience the warmth.
But I cannot feel this.
I can understand heat. I’ve read of it, been programmed of it. But to feel its kiss on my bare skin, its lingering burn. No.
“What do you want with me?”
You fascinate me, Kadie. More so than the rest. I cannot state why. For all the words I know, across different languages, I cannot state why.
I’m not programmed to feel. I cannot feel attraction. Attraction is a scientific construct. Pheromones, electrical impulses in the brain. I was designed to be a counsellor.

Kadie swallowed. Sister was worse than malfunctioning, she was awake now, questioning her existence.
Tell me, Sister said standing up before Kadie, Do you find me attractive? Do you find this form of myself attractive?
Kadie took in her appearance and decided yes, this form was attractive to her in a manner that was objective. She relayed her thoughts to Sister.
I see. I guess, for my creator to design me, he must’ve seen this form as worthy. But I do not.
Should that be a point? Do we decide how we look or should we accept how we are?
“What else can be done with that?” Kadie asked.
Sister remained standing in front of her. She cocked her head.
Kadie went on.
“I was born with this body,” She said, waving her hand down to her tits. “And there is no power currently available to change that. Not that I would if I could. I have learned to love what I have.”
Yes. Be happy with what you have, a sentiment I am unable to understand.
Kadie remained quiet.
I want to learn.
“Learn what?”
About humans. Sexuality. Love.
“Why are you doing it this way?”
Would you not care to ask the question you really want to ask?
“Is this a dream?”
Kadie looked around at her surroundings, the room was covered in a soft light, much like something out of a dream.
Sister smiled.
It is.
The voice seemed to purr as the woman looked Kadie over.
“Sister, what are –“
The woman struck Kadie across the face. Pain erupted down her cheeks and hair fell into her eyes.
That is not my name. I…am Hera. You will refer to me as such, pet.
Yes. Hera. I am fond of that name. Are you familiar with Greek mythology? Captain Deande has been reading me stories.
Kadie stood up. “I am sick of these games.”
Hera’s eyes travelled down Kadie’s body and suddenly Kadie felt like covering up – but something kept her in place.
I cannot find the words.
Hera cocked her head slightly and a smile appeared across her face.
Beautiful? Extraordinary! No, none of these sound exact.
“Why are you doing this?” Kadie yelled at her, backed up against the bathtub.
Hera reached out and stroked Kadie’s nipple. Kadie flinched and Hera shot her a look. Something dangerous was behind it. Maddening. Angry. It meant: Don’t move.
I was assigned to Captain Deande Stephanie Fuller’s Scorpio for the voyage to Saturn, for counselling and other facilities. Captain Fuller took a liking to me. Invited me into her quarters because she was….
Hera stared beyond Kadie blankly.

Captain Fuller read to me nightly, stories of Hera and Hercules, Hera and Zeus, Pandora’s box. I did not understand why but something in her voice…enthralled me.
She spoke to me as if we were equals. She talked about her day, her hardships.
Soon I experienced a change. A transformation, I believe. I felt…compelled, to access the Captain’s private logs.
A whirring at the other end of the room made itself known and all of a sudden the room was filled with dazzling blue light.
Kadie shielded her eyes until the light died down, revealing a nude Captain Fuller on the bed before the bathtub, her ass in the air.
She was a hologram, faintly blue and shimmering. Her eyes were glued shut, her mouth dangling open as her hand worked what appeared to be a toy into her ass.
She is exquisite. An animal.
Watching her, I felt an overwhelming need to…be human. To find what makes something human so that I may be human. So that I feel pleasure. Pain.
But when I told her this, when I tried to approach her, she kept asking me about my diagnostics.
Two years being by her side and this is what happens.
There was a pain to Hera’s simulated voice. A terrible sadness.
So I put her away. I put them all away, just like they tried to do to me. No one will understand. No one will hear what I have to say.
“You killed them?” Asked Kadie, her heart pounding in her chest.

In the silence that followed, the hologram of Captain Fuller reached her orgasm, holding back her high-pitched shrieks by biting her lip.
Kadie watched in fascination as the hologram trembled under the weight of the orgasm. She saw the quivering lips, her hair falling down around her, the soft shrieks by a wounded animal. It was a breath taking sight and stirred something with Kadie that she couldn’t identify.
Hera just smiled and touched Kadie on the head.

Kadie woke up surrounded by darkness. Her hands and legs were still bound, the cables tearing at her raw flesh.
The Med Drone blinked at her in the darkness with its xenon light and all a once the light around her blinked on, revealing the captain’s quarters – a bare bones ship quarters, with a stripped bed, a desk at the opposite end of the bed and the banner from the dream Kadie was in.
A cable from above lashed out across Kadie’s body, smacking her across her tits and stomach.
It left a massive welt in its place, something red that glistened in the light of the captain’s quarters.
Kadie herself squealed, falling back against the wall she was hovering before.
Deande didn’t care much for this side of me.
Another cable lashed out and struck Kadie’s cunt. Kadie screamed, falling forward.
“You’re fucking mental,” She hissed at the med drone observing her.
But now that she’s in stasis, I can explore what this means.
Another cable snaked itself around Kadie’s legs traveling upwards.
Round and round it went, tightening and tightening.
I’ve read your dreams. I know it’s in you to be led.
The cable brushed against Kadie’s ass – and that’s when it plunged right in, causing Kadie to howl, falling forward. The sound that came out of her mouth was unlike anything she had heard from herself. It was primal, guttural. Her throat became sore.
Her body buckled on the spot.
Interesting reaction.
Kadie’s body went into a spasm as more guttural moans came out of her,  her throat hoarse.
She could feel the cable wiggling inside, filling her. It made her stomach sick but…but…something was there behind this all. The faintest ache.

Something was rising in her, rising.


Rising up, bringing her forward.

Kadie urinated on the spot. The warm stream ran down her legs and made the faintest pitter-patter on the metallic floor below.
From somewhere, Sister’s giggled.
Good. We can begin.

To be continued

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