The Art of Fighting The Feeling You’ve said all there is to say.

Sometimes I feel like stopping my writing.

I always mention that I started this blog for others, and this is true, but sometimes I write and I feel like I’ve been here before. And I run the risk of repetition. And the risk of losing the interests of my readers, who I adore.

And then, other days I feel like writing up a storm. As if I’m on the roof telling I’m a sadist. One neighbour might think I’m nuts, the other night think she needs a sadist in her life and where have I been all this time?

I think it’s my anxiety. Anxiety puts thoughts in my head that are false but seem real. The saying goes, the best saying I found, is ‘You are your own worst enemy’ and isn’t this the truth? How much of our time is spent not writing to each other? Or not writing on our blogs?

A few blogs I follow, a few wonderful ladies that have been so kind and gracious, have been inactive. Maybe it’s life, maybe their anxiety. But it’s sad because their presence was unique, as each spirit is unique. 

So why do I write? I write for you ladies and gents. Because I want to help, or inform, or arouse. Because I like sharing my stories, my little silly or dark or weird thoughts because I take comfort in the fact that its shared. And I guess I write because I thirst for new adventures, new ideas and concepts and new people to help or inform or arouse. 

Maybe I write because I can’t stop. So maybe you shouldn’t stop either. Write. Write a blog. Write to me. Keep writing. Never stop. 


12 thoughts on “The Art of Fighting The Feeling You’ve said all there is to say.

  1. Definitely keep writing! I look forward to your posts, as I’m sure many others do as well. I too start and stop writing for many reasons. Always remember some look forward to hearing your words, even if they are repeated. Sometimes what needs to be repeated was said too long ago to remember. Sometimes it’s just buried by other writings.

    I’m always happy to find a new friend to write to/for. It’s a chance to learn and grow and remember how exciting the world is!


  2. I adore those who write, share, inspire, vent… However the “spirit” may move you, don’t stop. You never know whom you may reach. Thank you.


  3. I wonder this everyday. I just started blogging and even though I can be completely anonymous, I still feel exposed. One day I will write about parenting and then the next I will write about BDSM. Then I imagine the other parenting bloggers reading it horrified, damaged, and judging me. I also can’t decide if I am writing for myself or others.


    1. And honestly fuck judgement. I’m sure they could only dream of what you achieve. There is no shame in being a parent but living the BDSM lifestyle and if you want to discuss this further behind closed doors, you can email me and I tell you all over again that it’s about your journey. Never forget that. It’s a healthy practice.

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