A Note For Any Teenagers Passing By This Blog

I’ve addressed the newcomers stopping by my blog but now I want to address a specific crowd: any of the teenagers stopping by, of which I’ve responded to a few. Maybe there’s more in the shadows, I know not.

Being a teenager and into BDSM is all sorts of crazy hot excitement and scariness.
I remember opening the door to all these feelings and being absolutely flooded with ideas – some that I struggled with because I thought that no possible person could feel like this, that it was absolutely vulgar.

For any teenagers passing by, I have this to say to you: Guess what? You are definitely not alone.
Maybe you have stumbled across my blog, maybe you wanted to write in but felt like you were a freak. I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case. Not at all.

For everything you may think is freakish, think about this: someone, somewhere thought of it first most likely. Yup. It’s true.

I remember saying the words “You fucking whore” or “You little slut” and having the other side of me go “Whoa man, what the hell?” but it felt so fucking good to let out this dark impulse within me that connected with someone else’s dark impulse.

More than this, I can make a wager with you that there is a whole following of the kink you’re into but afraid of hidden away in delicious local pockets of society around you. That’s just how it works.

I remember feeling so different with my kinks that it brought me to tears. I felt that inescapable gloom creep up over me in my isolation.
I don’t want you to feel that, the Daddy Dom in me definitely doesn’t want you to feel that, so please, if you are feeling alone, or worse suicidal, write in to me. Because you don’t have to feel isolated or fucked up or alone.

You’ve wandered into something intensely beautiful, erotic and personal.
And for any teenagers out there, I surely hope you can come to realise that.


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