Alice puts the controller down in frustration. She lost the match. Again. To the same team.

The game ends with her character being the final kill, rubbing it in, her controller vibrating to the explosion that caused her death.

The vibration rattles through her leggings and tickles her cunt. She starts, bothered by the reaction, flinging the sandy blonde hair out of her eyes.

She’s sitting alone in her bedroom, in nothing but a black singlet and black panties with the bat symbol on it. 

Her parents are out, celebrating their anniversary, and she’s left alone to pick up the chores. 

Instead she’s gaming. She can’t help it, the game is addicting.

Alice pauses, the dull ache tickling her still in her mind, and she starts up a custom game by herself. She’s got an idea.

Her character on screen, a pixie girl version of herself, pulls out a rocket launcher and fires. 
The vibration tickles her again. It lasts for a good five seconds as the rocket on screen flies out of sight.

Unable to help herself, she fires the rockets again, this time clutching the controller hard against her cunt.

She feels it more this time, and can’t help the moan that slips out of her lips. It feels good to moan out loud.

There have been too many times where she’s sat in her room, on her knees to her favourite pink toy, her face covered in sweat while her blonde hair is over her eyes — and she’s had to be quiet. 

Alice let out the moan. And another. Still firing the rockets. Again. And again.

She can smell herself now, sweet and potent. 

In a flash, she tears off her leggings and tosses them away.

Her scent is richer now, intoxicating. 

It might not be a good idea to put the controller to herself but she can’t resist the vibration. 

She fires the rockets with the edge of her Xbox controller against her. The vibration causes the edge to rock against her.

It almost slips in because she’s quite wet.

Alice steadies herself, and now comes to rest on her knees in her bedroom. 

She fires the rockets. She moans.

She fires the rockets. She moans.

Each time, she grows louder, more primal and unhinged.

With her free hand, she flings her singlet up and over. Her breasts fall free and straight into her free hand. 

She finds her nipple and squeezes. Then pulls. Then fires the rockets.

Her moaning, the rockets firing, it’s a sweet symphony, a beautiful melody. 

Her hips fall back — then push forward. The vibration meets her grind and fires.

Her hand pinches her nipple and stretches it.

The pain is sharp and red hot and then it’s gone. 

When she comes, she topples over, catching her fall with her free hand, which shoots out in front of her. 

She’s unusually loud, and in the back of her mind, she wonders if anyone heard her. 

And deeper yet, she wonders if she really cares or if she wanted them to hear.

Alice takes a moment to compose herself – and then decides to shower to clean up the mess she’s made. She comes again over what she just did. 
Fun Fact, No. 13:

It wasn’t too long ago I rested an Xbox controller over my cock and did a similar thing until I came hard. So I dedicate this to that spontaneous energy and delicious orgasm some may be familiar with. 


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