Hera, Ch. 2



Chapter Two


The Degradation of the Crew



Kadie fell to the ground, sputtering out the fluid that went down the back of her throat.
Fluid washed over her body, coating every inch of her in the thick substance.
Kadie looked around the room, panting and coughing, her vision a blur.
She wiped her eyes. She was in another circular room, similar to the Orion’s hyper sleep chambers but…was this Scorpio’s chambers?
She looked to her right and saw her crew. Matthews. Fredericks. James. Bronwyn. All encased in the light blue glow of the hyper sleep pod, all naked.
Her mind racing, she went to stand but her legs gave way and she met the floor again.
Kadie was naked too. Her body was somewhat warm, glistening in the low light of the room.
Whoever hit her over the head had undressed and put her into hyper sleep.

With that realisation came the horrific thought: How long had she been asleep?
Somewhere in the ship above, there came a whirring. Kadie heard this and looked up, blinking, her eyes still adjusting to the light.
Thin tubing came from a compartment above, moving towards her in a way a snake might move towards its prey.
Another hose came forth, wrapping itself around Kadie’s right leg.
From a tiny square-like compartment hanging above the ceiling, as if coming from the light, tubes came down, extending out towards her, pushing her back into the wall and clenching her arms and legs apart so that she was suspended in air spread eagled.
She struggled there and then but they had a firm grip on her. It was no use.
The wall behind her was cold, slightly chilling her pale ass.

“What is this?” Kadie asked out loud, groggily.
One by one the hyper sleep pods around her lit up and opened, bringing waves of fluid crashing forth.
It pooled together in the centre of the room, emptying into what appeared to be a drain in the floor.
Then one by one the remaining crew of the Orion fell out of the pod and on their knees, nude and glistening in the light of the hyper sleep chambers.
Their sputtering echoed in the room while Kadie looked on, feeling a chill creep up her ass and across her back.
Suddenly the door to the chambers opened, bathing the room in a bright warm light.
Kadie shielded her eyes and in the darkness heard the faint humming of machinery.
It grew louder – then the doors to the chambers drew closed and the light disappeared.
Kadie unshielded her eyes to see a white med-drone.
Every UN Star Freighter had one dispatched on their destinations, to assist Med Officers with advanced surgery and medicines.
Med-drones were bulky and white, the size of a BMC-100 Camcorder from the 1980’s.
At the forefront of the machine, there was a singular xenon light that looked around at its environment.
The med-drone looked around at the crew one by one, as if analysing.
Hello Pets.

A voice, sweet and yet synesthetic and commanding, made itself known in Kadie’s head. It wriggled past her thoughts and reverberated throughout her mind.
Kadie looked and saw that the crew noticed it too. They were looking around the room.
As soon as Kadie heard the voice, she knew. She knew it was Sister, the AI of the Scorpio.
“Sister, we’ve been attacked. My crew need medical attention and I’ll need to speak to the captain here”
I am aware you’ve been attacked, Captain.
From the roof of the chambers, cables came hovering down to the crew.
The cables crisscrossed above and beneath one another, wrapping around the legs and arms of each of the crew.
Kadie, already pinned, watched in horror as each member of the crew was flung back into the wall, their arms and legs stretched apart by the cables wrapping around their limbs.
“What is the nature of this?” Matthews barked.
“Have we been contaminated?” James asked, her eyes wide and frightened.
“Sister, tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree”
‘Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree’ was a phrase that, if answered, would determine whether the AI is acting subserviently.
If I could feel sick by that phrase, I most certainly would. I do wonder what it means to be sick.

“She’s malfunctioning!” Fredericks told the others as the cables held him in place in mid air.
Malfunctioning? Is that what this is called?
Kadie felt her body lift up and hang in the air, right next to a disgruntled Bronwyn.
“What have you done to the crew?”
If Matthews was afraid, he wasn’t showing it.
They are my children now. Hold still.
“Hold still? What are you-“
A cable lashed out from the med-drone this time and struck Matthews across his semi-stiffened cock. Matthews grunted and fell silent.
Interesting reaction.
The med-drone examined Matthew’s cock lying against his thigh before moving on to Fredericks. The drone scanned him up down, a beacon of circular light flashed across his face then down to his cock.
Interesting. You’re shaved too. I look forward to seeing why later.

Kadie watched the med-drone move on to James, whose lip, Kadie could see, was trembling.
Again the med-drone scanned her up and down.
Lucille James. Twenty-Nine.
James exhaled, sending the strand of her light blue hair up that was hanging over her face up in the air.
Though feeling sick in the pit of her stomach, Kadie couldn’t help but look at James suspended in mid-air and take her body in.
Her small breasts, with her little nipples the size of small pebbles, her light blonde growth of pubic hair that trailed along her pussy.
Kadie found herself gazing at her pussy, thinking its appearance was beautiful.
“Are you going to kill us?” James whimpered.
The med-drone scanned her face and traveling downward, coming to hover before her cunt.
Interesting. You have a tuft of hair over your slit. I’ve seen this on some of the crew. I wonder…why is it you do this?
James appeared baffled. “W-what?”
For yourself? For potential romantic partners? Your file says your single.
The med-drone whirled to the centre of the room and from its xenon eye light, a hologram appeared showing James’ personal file.
Lucille James. Born New Chicago, 04-5-2134. Single.
The hologram blinked and Kadie watched as the projection screen showed a new image on screen, that of a steamy shower room.
In the video that was being broadcasted to the crew, from the personal logs of James, James rested against the shower wall, the detachable shower head spraying water over her slit. Her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth hanging open, moaning low.
“H-how did you..?” James’ wild eyes looked to the med-drone.
Does it add to sensations?
“Enough!” Matthews yelled from the other side of the room.
The med-drone turned to look at him before looking back to James, as if it were watching closely. Thinking.

After a moment’s pause, the med-drone moved on to Bronwyn, who struggled against the tightness of the cables holding her in places.
Hold still, dear girl.
“Ah, fuck you” Bronwyn spat through gritted teeth.
A compartment shot open from the med-drone, revealing a small metallic tube the size of a needle. It shot out at Bronwyn’s stomach and zapped her.
Bronwyn squealed, something between a moan and a grunt, and urinated instantaneously.
Her stream ran down her legs as Bronwyn was slumped against her arm, her eyes closed.
Kadie could only look on in horror as her crew spoke out in protest, their voices overlapping each other.
“What are you doi-“
“How could y-“
“Monstrous bi-“
The crew fell quiet.
“If you harmed her, I’ll –“ Matthews began.
The med-drone whizzed over to Matthews and a compartment shot open from its right side, revealing a needle that glistened in the light.
It stuck him in the arm as Matthews struggled.
A moment later, he fell limp on the spot.
I will not tolerate direct disobedience. I will have silence.
The med-drone moved on to Kadie.
It hovered in front of her eyes, scanning her, before moving down across her stomach.
It came to a sudden halt, examining a freckle on her stomach, as if puzzled.
Silence followed. Kadie held her breath.
The med-drone moved down and looked at her shaven cunt.
In that moment, Kadie felt uncomfortable. But it wasn’t the fact that two of her crewmates had been subdued by a disobeying AI, it was that this machine was observing her nude body.
Her body prickled with goosebumps that travelled over her arms and down her legs.
With it, came a hot flush, swarming over her body, swallowing her entirely.
The med-drop backed up from Kadie, its xenon light eye scanning her up and down.
Mesmerise. Verb [with obj.]
Hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.
Yes. That is the word I…feel.
Kadie, is it?
The xenon light eye blinked and continued to watch her.
Was it taking notes? A photo? Kadie went to shield her breasts but remembered she was held in place, her arms high above her, stretched apart, her legs apart as well. Her cunt exposed.
Every inch of her body was on display for this…this…thing.
You are simply mesmerizing, pet.
The words stretched out in her head, in a long mechanical wheeze.
The Med Drone whirled around her. Kadie felt the heat of the xenon light warm her ass.
Curious. There is a marking on your buttocks. One moment.
The xenon light went out and the med drone swayed in the air. For a moment, all Kadie could hear was the humming of the ship.
A moment later, the xenon light blinked back on. The warmth returned.
Frec-kle. Freckle. Ah. Beautiful.

The Med Drone returned to face Kadie, blinking in her face.
Yes. You Will Do.
A compartment sleeve shot out from the Med Drone and zapped Kadie.
Before she could react, her world plunged into darkness yet again.

To be continued…


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