A Note For The Newcomers to my blog.

I’ve noticed a lot of new people coming in and following my blog (it still baffles me I’m entertaining) and so I wanted to put information out there that newcomers may not realise straight away. 

My email, created purely for this blog and listed under the About Me page, is always there for those who want to write in. 

There’s no hour limit that it’s open. You’re not bugging me with your querie and there’s no querie that’s too odd or left field or whatever the case may be. I deal and delight in the strange so let that be clear.

I’ll also reinstate this fact again for the new year, just in case there are lurkers or email subscribers that want to chat but can’t find the words. To those people, I say ‘just write and see where that leads’

I started this blog in an effort to not only entertain through my dark wandering thoughts but also to offer guidance where I can. Remember that I’m here for both. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


8 thoughts on “A Note For The Newcomers to my blog.

      1. Why are doms so eager to “help everyone understand” and “educate” everyone on this topic? I can’t imagine the masses are clamoring to be educated on this topic…yet, doms tend to be so very eager to educate everyone, lol. It just seems strange to me. Was just curious.


      2. Well, you’d be surprised how many people do need help in understanding.

        You must understand that their desires come from a deep dark place that they may struggle to identify. This is where I offer help.

        I can’t speak for the rest of the Dom’s but my need to help comes from a personal place. I had no one. And I struggled for years to understand what I was and what I wanted. I was angry and confused and depressed and so I don’t want anyone to go through any of that. If I can reach one person, and let them know it’s going to be okay, that is amazing for me.

        It also comes from a mindset to nurture. To help growth and education. Do you understand now?

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