Being A Daddy Dom isn’t about age.

Browsing Fetlife, I came across a post from a young woman who expressed her frustration at the fact that she had experienced a few Daddy Dom-types harassing her over her disinterest in them due to their age being closer to that of her father.

Their argument was you wouldn’t find a young Daddy Dom that was within her age gap (she was 26 wanting someone up to ten years older than her). 
She asked people if they thought she was unreasonable. Everyone agreed she was not, yet most, rather politely, echoed the sentiment that it would be tough to find that going Daddy Dom.
That simply isn’t true.
Yes, it’s hard for someone to find anyone over the Internet, especially regarding love and kink. It can be very hard. But young Daddy’s are a thing indeed. 

The Daddy Dom, from my understanding, comes deep down and psychologically. And since its paternal, it can come from anyone at any time, so long as we imprint on the person we care about.
This has happened with kitten and it has happened with friends, where I become so protective and nurturing that it’s almost – yeah you guessed it – Dad-like. A few people have commented on it too, like ‘Wow, such a Dad’ or ‘you’d be a great dad!’. 
And I’m 29. I’m hoping that’s still considered young, ha!
The point I’m making is that it’s a mindset. It’s not reflective of age. It shouldn’t be. If you care, if you have a desire to nurture, protect, if there’s a love there that draws you in, almost magnetically – guess what? You’ve got it within you. 
Keep in mind, this is the best way I can describe it. The need to shelter, to bear hug, to make sure you’re their world and nothing bad is ever going to get to them. Not as long as you’re there. 
What are your thoughts on it?

7 thoughts on “Being A Daddy Dom isn’t about age.

  1. I agree, it seems like it would be more of a personality trait than a learned with age thing. I think it’s just that people tend to realize their sexual tendencies at a later age, so there’s a greater number of older people looking. Fortunately, it seems society is a bit more accepting and there is more information accessible so people are realizing their kinks at an earlier age.

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  2. I have to agree as well. It’s something that is within, and comes from a desire to protect.. to nurture.. it isn’t age bound. I think, perhaps, it’s the mentality that society is “oh so gifted with” in which they think [Daddy]Dom and automatically envision an older Gentleman.. which simply isn’t always the case.


  3. Comment from a casual observer here: WOW! The maturity and wisdom with which you write greatly surpasses your 29 years. I cannot imagine how your growth will progress over the next 20 or 30 years.


  4. I agree entirely. I am 36 and when I am searching for a Daddy type partner, age isn’t what attracts me. In fact I am more attracted to younger men. I guess someone who doesn’t get age play might think it is ridiculous for a 36 year old women to be a baby girl. But I don’t. So why would I think it’s ridiculous for a younger man to be a Daddy? I had one suitor who read my Fet profile, saw that I liked Daddy Doms, and joked about how weird it would be for him to be my Daddy when he is 29. Sigh. People just don’t get it.


  5. Often, it seems men do not seem to feel comfortable enough to step into the DD role until they have gotten a fair amount of life experiences under the belt. Some get it earlier, others later. I have always preferred a man close to my age for myriad reasons, so I’m sure I have missed out on a few wild rides with a distinguished older gentlemen.

    (Not that I regret it–things unfold in my life as they should.)

    I imagine a younger man might temper some of his natural swagger and dominance, as he is interacting with young women and they might be unsure over just how much dominance is the right amount. People sort things out as they go.

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