2017 Promises + Short Story!

Happy New Year! Happy Belated New Year! Happy 2017!

In your regular lives, I hope there’s warmth, magic and adventure!

In your BDSM lives, whether you’re a little slut, a ferocious Dom or a little puppy boy, I hope it’s challenging.


Not that it’s my place, I want to see anyone writing in to me overcoming any obstacles or rising to challenges. Dare yourself. Dare your partner. BARE yourself and have a beautiful year!


My own new years resolutions is to be more adventurous, improve myself and to be more active in writing here. I can’t wait to open up more mail from you guys!

Starting with this little story. I hope it’s a jolt to the system.




If I had known he was into men, perhaps I would’ve had him down on his knees sooner than now.

As it is, the man’s married. His wife is down stairs, most likely talking about the house these two just bought with the other people at this new years party.

And had I known his kink aligned with my kink, that he was submissive to my Dominance, I would’ve acted sooner as well.

I discovered a piece of his mind when he stepped into the bathroom, which I didn’t bother to lock – everyone was downstairs.

I had just finished shaking the last droplets of urine off my cock before he knelt down and took it hungrily in his mouth.

His mouth was wet and cool on my skin and gave me three passionate kisses with the swirl of his tongue.

The bold fucker worked my cock until I started to spurt. The man couldn’t hold his load, he let it dribble out of his mouth like a newbie at it.

He dropped my cock out of his wet hot mouth and looked up at me.

“Am I doing good, Sir?”

His eyes were eager, his cock as well. It stood to attention, erect and wanting.

I instructed him to get naked – and he did. He undressed in silence and knelt before me, his pale ass was in the air as he leant forward to kiss the tip of my cock.

“Answer me this” I said, ignoring him and moving my cock so that he only kissed my thigh.

“Have you come to a fantasy of me?”

He reddened. “Yes, Sir”

“And did you fuck that ass of yours?”

He seemed to go redder still.

“Yes…I mean Yes, Sir”

I smiled at that. “Good”


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