Why do I mentor?

I wanted to talk about why I mentor. 
Some people here want to get more inside my head and mentoring, I think, is a key concept to me because it’s a representation of the things I want to achieve in my blog. 
So what does it consist of? 
I spent a long time fighting myself when I realised I shouldn’t have to. It’s why I mentor. 
Mentoring, for those just joining my blog, means for me to work one on one with you in a way that promotes healthy living, growth and self loving. I will teach you what I know in an environment where you can feel at ease and comfortable. It can be done face to face but as most of it is exercises and a lot of talking, online works as well. 

During my time mentoring a person, they will learn about
– etiquette in the lifestyle
– Rules and regulations 

– The different concepts of BDSM

– Pushing beyond any barriers

Additionally, I focus on any fear they have, or insecurity they are dealing with and ways in which they can combat this to feel a little bit more at ease.
It’s important to feel strength, it’s important to feel powerful and in control. And where needed, I help to find out the answers for this person, find where I’m needed.
What’s in it for you?
I get to help. You have no idea how much that’s satisfying for me. 
Just knowing that I’m helping somebody wake up and fight through the muck is incredible. That and I love being teacher. I live to educate. There’s always a sense of longing there.
Do you help both men and women?

Yes I do. There are differences to be addressed among both sexes and I offer my help to all. All I ask of them first is that they approach the idea with an open mind. 
Some people get shy. Some might want to come forth but change their minds at the last second. If you’re reading this and you are that person, I want to implore you to come forth. All are welcome, there is no judgement and there certainly wouldn’t be any imposing on me or bugging me. Remember: I want to help.
The last thing I want to say is this: I don’t know how good I could possibly be. I’m no trained psychiatrist. I just help where you want me to and where I can. 
Any further questions?


6 thoughts on “Why do I mentor?

  1. Hi, I’m Falyn. I’m curious on how long you have been mentoring and if you have ever mentored for those interested in the dd/lg community of BDSM?


    1. Hi there Falyn! I’ve mentored for…hmm…about 2-3 years now. Deciding to do it because I wanted to help. The DD/lg community is a thing of interest to those who want to be mentored so yes I have informed them of misconceptions and explanations to clear their mind


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