500 Followers?! Dang…

I would never be able to write a sufficient thank you that could capture everything I felt towards the 500 people that follow my blog.

I mean, that’s insane. 500 people. Ever the pessimist, the mind boggles as to why people are still interested and still reading. But I’m grateful, oh so grateful, because I write for you guys as much as I write for myself.
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. For your lovely support, kindness, and for those who want to challenge my perceptions if they disagree – thank you. I cherish each of you.
So now that I’ve thanked you, I want to reiterate something:
If you’re a longtime lurker or too shy to write in, please whip that lovely tush into writing in and saying hello. Because I love hearing from you. Whether it’s a question or a comment or whatever — write it in. I want to hear from you guys.
ESPECIALLY if there’s a topic I haven’t discussed or something you want to hear my thoughts on. I’m trying to be diverse and I want your thoughts on it. 
For now, I wanted to say thank you for your company so far throughout the life of my blog. 


11 thoughts on “500 Followers?! Dang…

      1. Oh lovely! I try to remember everyone but my memory sometimes loses a face or a name! You’re very welcome! I’m grateful that you find everything so intriguing. If there’s anything you’d like to talk about or ask or just pass on, do not hesitate!

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