Story Time Competition and shyness

The end of the competition is coming to a close and 
No one has entered into it. I’m kinda not surprised. On one hand, it’s a hell of a thing to put yourself out there in a competition, it’s a whole other thing to combat your shyness and rise to the task.
My interests first and foremost was to share the gift of writing and creating with an audience, even more so to collaborate. 
Any three features of yourself could be your eye colour, a tattoo, a freckle on your hip, the idea was for you to contemplate.
So on the off chance that people are second guessing themselves, I’ll extend the competition time beyond its due date to DECEMBER 8th. Don’t be afraid. This is all in the name of fun. I’m just as nervous as you are to put out something worthy of the winner. 
However, on the off chance you have no interests, lets file this away with and such.
Love and hugs,


3 thoughts on “Story Time Competition and shyness

    1. Hi there,

      If you choose to enter, you must answer in 25 words or less What does submission mean to you?

      The winner gets to pick three elements of the setting and three aspects of the woman involved and I will write you a story!

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