Story time Competition!

Ladies and gentleman,
We’re going to try and do something very new and very different here on the site for everyone. It’s going to be a bit of fun so I hope there’s an interest because – well, I’ve never done something like this before and it’s all very new territory. 

Here’s the rub:
The competition is simple. Answer the question below, forwarding to my email, and the person with the answer I like the most will receive –
A story featuring themselves and written by myself. The winner can pick THREE features of themselves for me to integrate into the character and THREE elements in the story I can work in.
Examples of elements you may use are:
Setting: Bar, plane, beach, forest.
Object: Whips, ball gag, cane, pool cue.

Time: Night, Day, Afternoon.

Remember: The possibilities are endless. You are the only the limit. Explore, create. 
That being said, onto the question: 

In 25 words or less, tell me what being in the D/s – BDSM lifestyle MEANS TO YOU. 
The competition runs from now to Nov. 24th where I will announce the winner on the blog and they can pick their three features and three elements that will all work their way into the story. 
For those wanting to go into the draw, good luck and have fun!


15 thoughts on “Story time Competition!

  1. The D/s…and then M/s relationship I’m in cracked me open and broke the bars of the cage of taboos and preconceptions fed to me by scholastic education and society norms.
    It put me wings and restored my faith in goodness and honesty.
    Being accepted as I am within my M/s relationship has changed my approach to all the other aspects of my life, changes acknowledged by others and attracting opportunities, respect, success I have never dream of.

    In one word…I am in a perpetual blossoming


  2. First time for everything from a novice D and lurker.

    D/s Broke the mask of the missionary setting him free to truly explore both sides of light and darkness that were craving escape.

    Thank you for your insights and imagination.


  3. It takes a hell of a lot to put your mind out for others to read. I write constantly and can tell you I’ve never shared with anyone.

    ‘Being in this relationship, I’ve learned to love myself, to stop worrying about what others think. I will forever be grateful for that.”

    Also, just wanted to say thank you, I’ve stumbled upon this page and it’s incredible to see someone throwing themselves out there, Inspiring others, it’s great!


    1. Thank you very much for opening up to me. It can be nerve wracking when I have a story that I don’t know if it’s too fucked up or dark, but it seems a lot of people following share my darkness. Welcome to my blog and thank you for entering! I’m glad you’ve learned to love yourself.

      I hope I inspire you to write for yourself!


  4. To me it means:

    Joyful discovery as I release the light and the darkness within. I am Daddy, Master, Sir and King for my Little, Slave, Lady and Queen.


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