The Dream

As I lay awake in bed, 

Nude and between worlds, 

I feel the ache of my dream.

It’s touch splinters across my body,

In waves it travels upwards,

Tickling my bare cock.

I recall how it felt

To push my way into her

To disappear in her most intimate secret
And I recall how it felt

To shoot across her stomach

An eruption to make me scream

To make her squeal 

As I lay awake in bed, 

I recall being frozen

As the waves came crashing over me

Again and again.

And I was powerless to stop them.

For the first time in ages, I’ve had a wet dream.

It was my fault, really. I didn’t act on my compulsions the night before, for I am staying with family and that’s not the environment kitten or I want to go wild in. Though it very well could add to the suspense, such a chase.
What was the dream? I was in an Internet cafe when a lady started hitting on me. One thing led to another and we slipped into the bathroom. 

Slipping into her cunt was all sorts of wonderful. It’s one of my favourite things about sex, that initial slip in, thrust in, taking that moment, whatever you want to call it.

She was tight so tearing her apart was my pleasure and she growled like an inhuman creature. 

I remember the rise of the orgasm just by slipping into her tight wet cunt — and that’s when I awoke.

Waking up was intense. My kitty could’ve leaned across and put her lips to my hard cock and could’ve had herself a free full load. It pulsated out in sizzling waves down my shaft and across my thighs. I had to bite my lip from moaning because it the waves had tickled me so much. 


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