A World Away From Worlds. (Filthy Dream No. 7)

In a world away from this world, kitty and I met up with an old friend and his blonde pregnant fiancé. 

After much banter and fine conversation about the years passed, one thing led to another. And by that I mean, a foursome was initiated by his blonde pregnant fiancé. 

Now, miss blonde is a cute little thing. She’s slender, with a cute button nose like my kitty. With the delicacy of a rabbit.
When she undresses, her small breasts are enticing. Her nipples are small and pink and puffy. Her skin is soft and lightly tanned.

Somehow she knew kitty and I were in a D/s relationship and prompted this sexual encounter. Without the man’s knowledge – he seemed baffled. 
At first they tried to role play, but it was awkward, with me and the man trying to take on roles that aren’t ourselves. 
I didn’t like it so you know what I did, I told them to stop it. And I told miss blonde to get herself chained on the bed. 

The funny thing here is, two things happen. The second we’ll get to in a moment and trust me, it gets weird so brace yourself. 
The first thing, of course, is the old friend mounts me to my confusion. His cock is grinding against mine as he awkwardly climbs on his old friend. 
When I announce my true intention, his face relaxes and he climbs off.

My true intention is the first thing of these two things aforementioned. (The second is still coming, are you prepared?)

The first intention was always that I wanted pretty little blonde thing to fuck Kitty. And it was hilarious because this blonde girl was such an awkward first timer to girls. She stumbled on her words as she tried to get comfortable laying down. 

 And it’s like, you have no idea who you’ll be chaining yourself for so consider yourself graced by Angel, ma’am.
But then comes the second thing, are you ready for this? Are you still in anticipation? Good.
Kitty is not there. All this time it has been me – somehow – talking to them about how kitty is coming over.
Let’s backtrack okay? From the very first moment I (kitty and I) was mentioned, it was just me on my own meeting old friend and miss blonde. I thought kitty was there but she was a figment of my imagination.

Somewhere in this story, off screen, I mentioned she would be coming over.
They were confused. Angered. Where was kitty, they asked. I went looking for her in my home, she wasn’t there.
I recall the steps I took back to them. I was nervous and scared and also sad kitty didn’t get to fuck pretty little blonde thing.

When I told them, they suitably thought I was crazy. The old friend flew into a rage ang started choking me. To death.

Pretty little blonde thing knocked him off, in sympathy for me, and the two left hurriedly.

When I awoke from my stupor, I thought of a few things. Where’s kitty. Why isn’t she in our home? It doesn’t make sense. 
I stumble to my bed and find two notes scribbled on a piece of paper.

The first is from pretty little thing, saying she’s sympathetic and that when I get better, maybe we can talk again and even try that foursome again. 
The second is from old friend, stating he’s sorry he tried to kill me and that he has a temper. He’s happy miss blonde saved me. And he hopes one day we’ll talk again.
I’m left alone to wonder…

And that’s when I wake up, with a thick hard cock and no one to slip onto it.


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