FIFTY SHADES DARKER TRAILER ARRIVES OR: How Fifty Shades can be a good thing.



So, the new Fifty Shades entry trailer is being released and with it comes the usual mix of excitement from the public and mixed responses from the BDSM community.

I, myself, voiced my responses with the entry BDSM and Fifty Shades but I thought I’d update with this entry because I am a sucker for fluff and this movie looks like popcorn fun.

The first thing I thought about when watching this trailer was the housewife fans. Yes, it’s a cliche but they do exist. If not housewives, then ladies in the ages the book targets.

I mean, there’s men out there that consider themselves gay because they enjoy it. They’re wrong – it doesn’t, guys. Romance is universal, sex is universal, so enjoy that shit.

Plus, a Fifty shades with two guys? That’d be kind of interesting. Imagine that dynamic. Someone needs to write that. Not me, I don’t know how effectively I could do two guys being intimate.

But the thing I thought about was the housewives being introduced to BDSM and the culture and all that stuff. I mean, the book represents it incorrectly and even then, from what I understand, the BDSM is just a gateway to explore semi effective erotic thriller fluff. And even then – watch Basic Instinct or Cat People or something.

But somewhere, there is a sweet sweet housewife that is thinking “Whoa, this arouses me. What the hell. I never thought this could be me”. This sweet sweet housewife researches the sensation. She experiments with her hubby, maybe she experiments with underwear, dressing out of the norm and being more of a seductive daddy’s girl and/or sultry slut. Maybe it’s like the matrix, man, it just wakes her up and all of a sudden – BOOM – she’s a submissive.

And this is the chain reaction around the world with different sweet sweet housewives and/or single ladies. Or straight men. Or bicurious men. Maybe there is a guy struggling with his sexuality, maybe he is a straight men in a straight marriage but wants a Domme. Who knows. But there’s that desire there, that other life brewing, and it’s fucking SEXY and HOT AS HELL.

So yeah, Fifty Shades came to life as Twilight fanfic and yeah, it is absolutely disheartening that it’s getting in millions when there are sure as shit fine first time authors struggling to get attention – but it’s starting like a new sexual revolution, man. People are getting into BDSM, they’re coming out of the woodwork. They’re declaring themselves whatever.

I used to Skype with a woman. Maybe she’s reading still, maybe she’s not. We had fine conversations, friendly – about lives, you know? She spoke sweetly, with a New York twang to her voice. She was very lively and bubbly and I haven’t spoken for like years now. But last Skype I recall, she was enthusiastic about the novel and upcoming film and expressed a desire to expand her horizons with the lifestyle. That right there is beautiful, man. I am happy to see that. So for what it’s worth, I am glad it’s opening the eyes of people.

I just hope they research it before doing it incorrectly and even possibly violently.

10 thoughts on “FIFTY SHADES DARKER TRAILER ARRIVES OR: How Fifty Shades can be a good thing.

  1. …for that gentle awakening … then It is a good thing. I still have not seen the first one and struggled to get past chapter 2 in the book …. I shall not bother with it … as I agree with Master … “no prescription”.

    but if it awakens those heavenly stirrings the that Is a good thing

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  2. I’ve yet to come across a movie that was better than the book, and since fifty wasn’t the best book series ever, I haven’t bothered to watch.

    As far the mm bdsm books go… there is one series that I truly enjoyed, maybe some of your readers might be interested. Deviations by Chris Owen. I enjoyed the characters and found myself truly invested in their story.

    As far as fifty’s impact: I completely agree that the self-awakening the book brought to so many is a beautiful thing.

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      1. My pile is ridiculous. All the pleasure reading then the professional reading topped off with young adult lit that falls somewhere in between. I’ll liken myself to Dory and just keep reading.


  3. Wow, ok so I love following your thoughts and how you process them. This one speaks to me in a few ways. My thoughts have gone to the darker side way before 50 Shades. But it is the one that brought those thoughts to the for front again. It started me on my quest of reading (which is not something I did a lot of before). Now I can’t put books down. Books like the one Alpha & Kat are working on. OMG talk about getting my blood flowing, this is what I feel I need to calm me. By the way Alpha waiting on the next one please. Ok, were was I, so this is what has me believing I have been missing some thing deep in my life. I read how the D/s interactions in here are and I yearn for that. But then I found fetlife (thanks Dark lol) So not my style. But it is interesting to follow. The problem is this, I am married and have been for 25 not so happy years (my 3rd at that). Makes me believe I have been searching for the right Dom for way to long. My husband and I have been chatting about BDSM and I read some of my books to him. My biggest issue is that I do not believe I could ever look at him as my Dom. I have in the past requested he take the top dog roll in this relationship and he has never stepped up. Here is the next issue. This one is the toughest. I am such an alpha female. I do not know if I could find a dom who could handle me. I mean the man up stairs has been trying for years to work on patience with me to no avail. So I guess my question is to you or anyone else here that would like to respond. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?


    1. Hi lilbird! Can I call you Birdy?

      There’s a few things you could consider in your dilemma. The first of which would be to give it time and educate this man of yours and see if something awakens in him. It is a marriage after all. A Unity.

      Another thing to think about is — Are you predominately submissive? Or do you feel you could be a switch since you feel like an alpha female.

      That could be another avenue to discuss with your man and see if he’s willing to explore that side with you.

      It’s easy to feel some anxieties when being in such a crazy emotional place such as the one you’re in right now. Just remember there’s always a solution to any problem and that of course someone could handle you.

      If you want to elaborate, feel free to respond here or contact me through my email. I’d like to know a bit more about your situation.


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