Naked Therapy

I’ve been pulling a few late nighters working hard on little seperate projects of mine – and tonight I thought I’d write something here on the blog about what’s on my mind – naked therapy. 
I wondered if there was such an alternative out there. 

I mean, if you think about it, nudity is something some of us ponder about. It’s something we might not appreciate and are scared by.
I know I struggled with it sometimes, and I’ve heard from others as well. And it makes me wonder why? It’s our bodies, yeah, and it’s at the heart of who we are. It’s the shell we are attached to. And something about being exposed and free of clothing might be scary. But is this because we were taught it’s wrong? Is it a self esteem thing? 
What if there was a therapist that sat to you nude and challenged your preconceptions about nudity, sexuality, all while in therapy? 

Is that even possible? I’d like to think so in my respects but then put me in front of a nude kitten and my mind wander. 

If it was another woman, well I’m sure there’d be no interest outside of the curiosity about others bodies – how their breasts rest, do they have freckles? Are they shaved or trimmed? You learn a lot from all this. 

And yes, it’d go the same way if a guy was nude in front of me – I’d ponder about their body hair, physique, cock shape and size and might even compare myself, which I find odd that that’s a notion but I guess it’s the dominant side in me. 
I think nudity can put us in touch with something inside ourselves that we are hesitant to open and look at, and I this is partially because it’s such an emotional thing, especially if it goes against years of conventional thinking.
It’s something that I recommend people practice, whether they are newcomers or not.

To be naked, to challenge ways of thinking and behaviour. 


4 thoughts on “Naked Therapy

  1. I completely agree with this post. I was addicted to Spartacus (the series) for a while and was drawn to the nakedness of the slaves; how nakedness was used as a well to gauge virility and beauty. The focus was not on the nudity itself, but what their nudity revealed about them. Of course there was always a sexual element to it, but the approach was not solely sexual. I often wish we could embrace nudity more in our culture…


  2. *giggles

    I had asked once my HR manager to change the dresscode into mandatory nakedness…we would all be so much closer to who we are rather than what the covers are telling about us.
    …and definitely we would all be as vulnerable

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