Filthy Dream No. 6

I have filthy dreams you know.
Mostly, I’m ravaging my poor kitty six ways to Sunday. Or however that expression goes. 

Last night, however..
I was outside, curating over a series of women all naked and crucified, wriggling, moaning, shaven, slick with sweat, ripe with fear – a series of women all chained to the walls underneath a pale grey sky.
All shapes, all sizes.

Brunette. Blonde. Redhead. Strawberry blonde. 


I walked past them one by one, watching their chest heave in fear.
I remember it being dark. And not the mood, the evening was darkening. Thunder was booming.
I was selecting a woman, you see. Someone to take down and have my way with. 
I can’t remember much of what comes next, except that I put my hands around her neck and squeezed.

That I could feel my cock split her cunt open and get slicked up with her forced arousal.

I remember coming hard all over my victim while moaned and squirmed and wriggled all delightfully. 
I don’t know where it came from. But the feeling of dominating a gathering of women was quite exhilarating and that kept coming back to my mind throughout the day. Oh well.


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