How To Let Go And Be Vocal When You Come

Being vocal when you have an orgasm is easy. After all, there’s some serious strain on your whole body and you can’t help but go with the sensations.
But one of the things I find when I research on my own or talk to folks is that there is some fear behind being vocal, especially if they want to or can’t help.
I’m going to point out that being vocal isn’t necessary and is by no means a big deal – after all, you just had an orgasm and experienced something truly beautiful with yourself or someone. That’s the main thing. 
This is one for those that are naturally vocal but are afraid. 
Maybe your parents are home, maybe your roommates, maybe your partner is somewhere. Maybe you’re worried the neighbours will hear.
What you need to realise is this: you are on the verge of something extremely beautiful. Why are you worried about other people? 

Should you be respectful of those around you? Wellll, I’ve spent a few naughty times in dead quiet houses in the middle of the country and have been loud. In those times, I’d say be vocal but not porn star-high-volume-loud, you know what I mean? 
I feel like there’s pressure to be loud and there’s pressure to not be loud. To be loud, well – no. Be yourself. If you’re quiet, you’re quiet. If you’re low, you’re low. That’s who you are and there’s beauty there.
If you’re shy…cut that shit out. 

Practice something for me. Now you may feel silly, you may laugh, but please try. I know it sounds stupid. 

Close your eyes and listen to the world around you. Take in your surrounding. What’s there? Relax, breathe in. Breathe out. This space around you is your space. No one else’s.
This bubble, this slice of heaven is yours. What are you going to do with it? I hope your answer is: be yourself. Because that’s the very thing.
There’s being respectful and there’s giving in to the raw, animalistic, cathartic experience that is letting what comes out of your body – a moan, a scream, a gasp, a wheeze, a guttural contortion of noise – whatever. That. Is. you. And that is gorgeous. 
We need to start thinking less about fear and worry and what others think – and more for ourselves.

I’m kiiiinda loud in the bedroom, depending on the intensity of the orgasm, and I don’t care how the neighbours look at me when I walk out to get the mail because I have an awesome sex life .
Any worry or embarrassment is on us and we need to let go of that if we want to give in to that part of ourselves.
So if you’re holding back the next time you play, think about why. Because that can become disabling in your life and that’s not on.
Be yourself. Be loud and proud if that’s in your nature. Let the sensation climb over you and let your vocals take you to places you thought you couldn’t reach, okay?
For any questions, you know the drill. 


2 thoughts on “How To Let Go And Be Vocal When You Come

  1. I love this!
    I am, by nature, loud and expressive, which is fine, we have no close neighbours. šŸ˜Š
    But sometimes my Sir tells me I must be silent. Such a challenge – but I do it for him.



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