Dealing With Guilt And Fear

So you’ve come to the realization that you want to sink into this lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been in this lifestyle a few years. Maybe you’ve just started and are exploring what works and what doesn’t.

Whatever the case, wherever you are, no matter the time, it hits you – this feeling of fear and of guilt that you just can’t shake. What does it mean? What do you do?

Because a D/s relationship calls for a level of trust from both parties, it opens a whole bunch of doors that can be exhilarating and fucking scary. We are giving ourselves over to this person and exposing our innermost desires and raw feelings, what the hell do we do?

We relax. We breathe. We try and remember a few positives, like:

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You’ve come this far, take a deep breathe and take that step.
  • We are operating on a level few others can achieve. This is an amazing feature.
  • You, who you are, what you like, what you look like, your personality – it’s all unique and rare. People may share your desires or features but no one is you and what you feel and think of is beautiful, this I can promise.
  • You’ve survived this panic before, you can do it again.

I struggle with my mind, every day. I can’t rid myself of anxiety but I can still soften its impact through concentration and meditation and really, a lot of hard fucking jedi mind tricks.
I push others to seek confidence because I struggle a lot with mine and I don’t want others to feel worthless.

If you find yourself struggling with these feelings. If you find yourself thinking that your desires are too extreme, take a moment to compose yourself and realise just where you are is the most exciting place to be. You’re exploring, you are seeking the answers that have been locked deep within your mind. And if you are worrying in the first place, that means that it’s worth fighting for in the first place, because it means so much to you.

Relax, breathe and remember just how important what you’re doing with your mind is. Your sexuality and heart’s desires are a beautiful, magical thing. Let’s work through the fear and guilt together and come out stronger on the other side of the tunnel.

Besides, there’s a lot of dark things in that tunnel. Let’s see what we can find! 😉


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