Mouths To Feed, Part II

The pretty little thing pushed the thought away and screamed.

Sound came out in jagged little bursts.

It was something she didn’t recognise – furious, primal, frustrated. 

The black woman walked towards her, almost hypnotically, twisting one nipple then the other. 

Her face widened and her mouth hung open as she walked to a stop just inches away from the pretty little thing.

“Let me go!” Came the possessed voice from within her.

The black woman used the moment to slip her fingers into the pretty little thing’s mouth.

The pretty little thing got a taste. It was sweet and smooth on her tongue, and went down nicely. 

She bit her fingers all the same though, which prompted the Hispanic woman to slap her hard across her ass.

Shooting stinging pain erupted everywhere.

“What do you want from me?”

Another strike. Another shooting stabbing pain.

The blonde working the pretty little thing’s cunt hissed at something.

The Hispanic woman seemed to hiss back.

They were like savage animals, the pretty little thing thought, fighting over my body.

“Let me go” the pretty little thing choked out.

This time the black women before her struck her across the face and one of the men below sucking on her nipples furiously bit down.

The pretty little thing yelped.

“Please, I won’t tell anyone”

The blonde woman stopped the assault on her tongue and stood up to look her in the eye. 

She grinned manically, a wide eyed smile full of teeth.

The blonde woman looked back at the end of the room, where the hand erupted from the shadows and waved in the air as if to say “well, what are you waiting for?”
At that, the blonde woman spat across the pretty little thing’s face.

The pretty little thing cried out in shock as it smacked her cheek and rolled down into her lips. She could taste herself.

The Hispanic woman parted her ass and spat, the sensation was, the pretty little thing hate to admit, arousing.

That was when fingers slid into her ass and massaged her from the inside.

The sensation made her try to wiggle forward. It was intrusive and strange – no one had attempted this to the pretty little thing before.
The blonde woman kissed the pretty little thing, hungrily, ferociously. Her tongue slid in and did its dance. The pretty little thing was left breathless, choking and gasping for air.

As the blonde woman pulled away and returned to assaulting her cunt, the pretty little thing noticed the men were gripping their cocks, thick and unshaven, and pulling them quickly. 

The black woman was bucking her hips, moaning wildly.

The pretty little thing looked down and noticed her fingers were gliding against a drenched cunt. She could hear how wet she was and despite her situation, her mouth watered. 
That was when the black girl froze in a cry, and fluid shot across the pretty little thing’s breasts and stomach in quick, short bursts.

The pretty little thing couldn’t help but squeal at the sensation.

It was cool in the concrete basement and the juices of the black woman only made her colder.

Her squeal resulted in her getting smacked violently across the breasts by one of the men.

She could tell that was going to bruise later. 

He struck her again before going back to his cock.

The pretty little thing went to speak, swear obscenities, but the pain in her ass and tits were too great. 
Behind her, the Hispanic woman giggled. It was low and sinister.

Her protruding, invasive finger slid out from the pretty little thing’s wet ass and for a moment, the pretty little thing thought the assault had stopped. 

A moment passed, a moment that seemed like an eternity, and footsteps somewhere shuffled away into the distance.

The pretty little thing could see the Hispanic woman disappear into the darkness with a sway of her hips.
Something was riding up in the pretty little thing then. Something unwanted, but not unneeded. Not entirely.

The onslaught of the blonde’s tongue was bringing her close, as much as it ashamed her so. A complete stranger she never met, one that had her mouth right against her cunt, was making her come.

At that point in time, The pretty little thing arrived to two conclusions: She was unconsciously grinding her wet cunt into the mouth of the desperately hungry blonde. 

The second thought, of course, was that she realised how bad her desire to come was.
To be continued…


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