Hello, you beautiful international lurkers!


The other day I was heading over to browse the pages of new followers that find I am worthy of a follow. You know what I noticed? I have people visiting – or bots, this is the internet and I don’t know how it all works – came visiting to my site.

Today, there have been people from the US, Au, UK and even the Czech Republic! Which, to me, is really freakin’ cool. Honestly, I am quite flattered.

Yesterday, there were views fromย Ireland, India, Germany, Spain – ย freakin’ SPAIN. (I am kind of obsessed with the spanish culture, language, etc). I look at this and one part of wonders. I wonder about these sensual people dropping in. I am curious about their minds. Germany, in particular I think, would have a delicious insight into BDSM that I would love to devour.

So two minds are operating at this point in time – one side is thinking Bots or some kind of mistake, the other is mindful of those that want to lurk, for whatever reason. If it is the latter form, then I want to thank you guys for stopping by.
At the same time, I don’t want anyone ever to feel like they can’t talk about something because their kink or ideas make them the odd one out. Sometimes I feel that way with some of the pieces on my blog – did I go too far? – but this is the thing — one thing I’ve learned is that any kink, no matter how odd you may think it is, is perfectly fine because 1) it could very well be unique to YOU (that’s me accounting for unexpected desires) and that makes it’s extraordinary. The other part is 2) There’s a fair distance between acceptable and not acceptable and this usually comes down to individual tastes, and there’s always more than one of us. We are all rowing in the same boat, I assure you my dear readers of the world (which is totally weird to say as I never expected I could touch an audience!).

In any case, love, sexuality and BDSM is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL THING and should be celebrated. I hope to celebrate with you.




23 thoughts on “Hello, you beautiful international lurkers!

  1. For the record: You probably did go too far, but that is okay, because that is what blogging is all about. The reason I am able to be so incredibly open on Post Glow is because Jackson is the only one that knows it exists. So by all means push the boundaries, and enjoy how far your words can reach.


    1. I have a strange, dark mind but I try to be mindful of people reading around me. If I ever go too far with a topic or something, I expect someone to slap me and put me in place. I hope that day never comes. On the other hand, my erotica has been known to be confronting to some in a good way. So I am quite happy.


      1. Even though I can’t see you or anyone ever really going to far via blogging, I almost want to volunteer to slap you and put you in your place, just so I can say I did so to a Dominant.


      2. I said ALMOST. Despite being the envy of every submissive ever. I’d be in all kinds of trouble, and I really don’t enjoy being in trouble much. I’ll just keep my hands to myself.


      3. Because those are THE worst and best right. Actually, I’d assume that the psychological aspect of everything BDSM is often more potent than the physical. One can get a good fuck a lot of places, but an amazing mind-fuck… that takes superb skill.


      4. lol, darn you having to – pull it out.

        I definitely do not have a high pain threshold. Earlier on a blog I was reading the author posted a BDSM pain guide. i commented that I tend to tap out before I hit a 4 on a scale to 5.

        Sir doesn’t have to use pain much on me thank goodness.


  2. Too far? I don’t think you’ve reached that line at all. Not by a long shot, but then I’m bent. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I just had to go peek and it says I have viewers today from Italy and France. Kinda cool. โœŒ


    1. Italy and France! Lucky duck. Those are beautiful places and I’d wager have some mighty intense aspects when it comes to sexuality as well. Kinda awakens the voyeur in me. In that I want to peak through windows at italian bedroom life.


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