The madness of dreams

I had a dream about an alternate universe and in that alternate universe, I was a submissive belonging to a Domme. 

Kitten was not my Domme, I can’t really make out the physical attributes of said Domme, but I do know she had a hypnotic voice.

In the dream, I was excited to serve and obey – all for the chance, to have a taste. To prove myself.
In the waking world, this is absolute nonsense. It goes against my every desire. It is foreign to me, to be led by another. It’s strange because I would out of place and uncomfortable. 
I have no doubt in my mind that dreams are dreams – fragments, sensations whirled together to create a sometimes meaningful sometimes illogical picture – like viewing through a kaleidoscope.
For example, I don’t like being led. But the idea of a strong dominant woman is as appealing as strong submissive woman, know what I mean?

I don’t like the idea of being made to wait, of obeying – but I do practice edging.

And of course, I like to take my kitten when I want, not to be told when I can. Not to wait for someone else to decide. 
So: the madness of dreams. How are yours, dear readers? 


3 thoughts on “The madness of dreams

  1. Dreams are notoriously difficult to make sense of. They can be relatively literal, entirely symbolic, or somewhere in between. If a dream is symbolic, the symbols are often personal rather than cultural so dream dictionaries are no help.

    It can help to focus on the emotion of the dream. It sounds like this felt positive and exciting. What else other than a domme could the domme represent? It could be something amorphous, like an opportunity at work…


  2. I tend not to take my dreams too seriously. However, they do let me know when something is on my mind, maybe something I have decided not to deal with yet.
    What I loved about this post is your mention of this Domme’s voice. There is an undeniable quality about a Dominant voice. One I am guessing you can turn on in an instant right. 🙂


    1. Dreams are a mixed cocktail! I don’t know about my voice, I’ll have to ask my kitty when she’s home from work. But you’re right, I love a Dominant that can utilise their voice well!


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