Musings on a lesbian Domme

Found this while browsing erotic imagery. Now, if anyone knows of Whisper, the secret sharing app, then they know it’s full of lust driven fools, crazed in some kind of written orgy.

But on the off chance that this here is true…what delicious duality. 

Why do I find it delicious? Because its psychological. You have two sides fighting each other. On one hand, the side that likes to teach. In one life she might’ve been a good little school girl. 

Here, she’s probably living the dream. She’s got the gig she wants. Hurrah.

On the other hand, these desires, o what maddening desires that go against the very religion she chooses to uphold. The lure of the sin, that forbidden throb. It drives her always. 

As a teacher, she is fulfilled. But that can only go so far. She wants a pet, a student. And that, perhaps, is the only way to completion of the soul. 

The second area of questioning is more dark, even perverted. Does this catholic school teacher go on to teach her student? It’s not unheard of. Just last month, I heard of a teacher having relations with a student. More forbidden throbbing.

So I wonder: did this unnamed lesbian domme take her role of teacher into the night. Did she give in to desire and take on board what could very well a young student aching and confused. How many minds has she opened?

Is there a secret society among the students for their shared love of the teacher and her gift to them – their awakening?

A quote from whisper sparked all this, dear reader. A picture is never just a picture to my mind. People are endlessly fascinating. Each one of them is different, with different ways of thinking and assessing. 

A domme fascinates me, as it id a member of the opposite sex whose approach to a submissive is different than my own. It’s not just being Dominant either, it’s the sensibility that comes with being a female – something I might not ever truly grasp. 

On that note, I leave you there. I’m off to wonder behind closed doors…


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