You can’t help everyone

After starting this blog, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting people from all over and having the honour of sharing their intimate life in the hopes that me – some lowly writer in Australia – can help them. And so I do my best.

Others approach me from their corner of the world, scared, insecure, distrustful – whatever their unique case my be. And so I do my best to inform that, yeah, what they’re feeling is perfectly natural. It’s okay.

But sometimes that distrust is too strong to shake and these beautiful people, they terminate the conversation.

I understand this. I was once like them, alone, scared and confused – wishing I could make sense of it. Hell, a few times I hoped it would go away. Maybe you can run from it a while but sooner or later, it catches up to you. It always does.

One thing I tell myself is: Not to be aggressive with it. A lengthy vanilla relationship I was in for the better part of my twenties taught me to be open and forward with people. I forget sometimes that not everyone is accepting of this. So as much as you may see me telling others that it’s okay to come forward, I try not to be repetitive with it.

In the end, people have their paths to take. I had to go alone, unfortunately. Maybe we all do. But maybe that is the way all along and my ‘help’ is futile. I don’t know.

The point is: You can’t help everyone. Some people need to crawl before they can walk. I wish I could carry them. I probably would till my body gave way. But anyway. This is my early morning mindset.



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