“Huh?”. It’s a simple word, really.

And yet, I find it distasteful.

Now, this is just me. But under my leadership, any submissive, when engaging in discussion with me, should be speaking politely. If I say something that, for whatever reason, they mishear, “Huh?” is not the response that you say.

“Beg yours?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Sorry, what was that?”

So forth and so on.

My kitten has been struggling with remembering to exclude the idea of using “Huh?” as a response if she mishears me. In the past, I have, perhaps been a bit too kind, and let her off with a warning. Tonight, I did not. I told her that when she is finished her dinner, she can undress and bend over my knee.

I take no pleasure from smacking her, nor does she take pleasure from being smacked. At least…when it is a punishment.

The dislike of “Huh?” as a response, if I had to guess, comes from my upbringing. My father disliked it as well, as well as “What?”.
It’s actually interesting how much my upbringing kind of plays into who I am as a Dominant.

In any case, this has been my Wednesday evening. How has yours been?

8 thoughts on ““Huh?”

  1. Maybe it was my upbringing as well, but for the most part, I don’t even say “What?” when I don’t hear or mis-hear something. Usually I will say “Pardon me?”, “Could you please repeat that” or along the lines of what you said. With my daughters it’s a different deal though. They are grown and know how to talk to others and show respect when needed, but when we’re together and playing around it will be “Eh?” or a version of “Huh?”


  2. I’m thankful “huh” isn’t a word I use, however, it took me a long time to break myself of “yeah.” My D doesn’t like it because it’s flippant, indirect, and doesn’t carry the same energy as “yes.” Now I’m the same way. I want clear, proper, and respectful words. He broke me in all the right ways. šŸ™‚


  3. Thinking of my Daddy I would presume He would find it disrespectful. Almost a huh of I wasn’t paying attention or a grunting of dis belief. If perceived as questioning him I know he wouldn’t like it either. I am going to listen to make sure I am not saying huh…I am sure your kitten is practicing not to say it……I learned from this post….yay


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