If you think you are safe while you hide beneath the covers, I assure you that you are not.

While you convince your mind that you love your spouse, that your loyal…that there is no reason to fear, I assure you: There is.

Because there will be no reasoning when I take you. When the door hitches open within your fantasy and you hear my growl in the darkness, your body will betray you.

Do you know that feeling? Where the body wants to let go but the mind is torn between reason? I know you do. I know you’re feeling it know. I know your cunt can feel the slightest ache as you play the memory back again.

So you can tell yourself in the dark that it’s okay, that you belong to another. That you’re sensible and level headed. But when my breath skims your thigh, when I pant over your cunt, we both know that all the years you’ve been faithful, through thick and thin, won’t matter. All that matters is how my tongue glides along your lips so effortlessly that you can’t help but think you were always meant for this.

And when your legs part, while your partner snores softly beside you, you will part your legs and wonder just how rough my tongue is, just how sensitive you might be to my touch.

And all reason will leave your mind. And all that will be left, as you sink under the weight of my mouth on your cunt, will be







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